ZapBox 2.0 – Mixed Reality Kit
ZapBox 2.0 – Mixed Reality Kit

From the guys that bought you the first affordable, Mixed Reality kit that allows developers and businesses to reimagine how they design, build and create 3D experiences.

ZapBox 2.0 was brought to life by the original ZapBox 1.0. A key difference being the 2.0 version is flat packed, allowing the user to build the kit themselves (and easier/cheaper to post) The controllers come with the complex trigger mechanism part pre-assembled but the rest of the parts are flat-packed into sheets.

The concept relies on you slotting your existing smartphone into a low-cost headset, before activating a ZapBox app which lets user dive into a “world of interactive content.”

Half the fun for me was actually building the parts together, similar to the way to assemble a Nintendo Labo for the Switch console. Simply pop the cardboard out and slot them into place, surprisingly sturdy considering there’s no tools or glue required.

The hardware allows you to walk around and explore your content from any angle. The content anchors itself to wherever you see fit. You can fully interact with the content using the cardboard controllers, mixed reality chess anyone?

After connecting to the app you can choose from a few fun options, mini golf was our favourite. You can visit Mars and discover a bunch of cool facts in a mission game. There are also heaps of new content being developed currently, plus you can even get involved yourself and develop your own. They even teach you how.

So what’s the difference between the 1.0 and the 2.0? Here’s what Zappar had to say:

  • We’ve completely rethought how tracking the world map is implemented, and prioritised smoothness of tracking. Say goodbye to your content ‘jumping’ when you cover up some of your world pointcodes!
  • The triggers on the controllers can now be detected and tracked by the app, and are no longer just another one of those Kickstarter fidgety things!
  • There’s some awesome new content (and a new launch menu that we can update on-the-fly without needing app updates) – check out the winning entry from our Christmas Hackathon, ZapBox Pop!
  • Much improved calibration and map building flows. You can also separately calibrate the camera both with and without a fish-eye lens!
  • Full iPhone X support!
  • We’ve updated the underlying Zappar platform bringing exciting new features such as dynamic lighting!


With a few more games and more interactive content, I can see the ZapBox 2.0 being a much-loved accessory and everyones starting point into the world of mixed reality. If you’re a developer, now would be the time to get on board with Zap Box. As with their previous Kick Starter campaign going through the roof, we can see the 2.0 version making great leaps for not only Zappar but for the world of MR/VR.

What’s in the box?

  • Headset with head strap
  • fish-eye lens adapter for your phone
  • A set of world pointcodes
  • Two controllers with triggers

If you’re familiar with Google Cardboard, you’ll feel right at home with this device. ZapBox has already introduced many to mixed reality in the same way and will continue to introduce more with the 2.0 version. Furthermore, users can experience room-scale VR too!

The ZapBox 2.0 just like the original, but better.

Available soon.