If you want to give the gift of coffee to a caffeine aficionado this Christmas, you’ll not find many better candidates than this awesome looking Wacaco Pipamoka Coffee Maker. This ultra-portable accessory will change the way you make coffee on the go and brew and drink from a single device with this intuitive coffee maker. Simple and robust, this pressure brewer makes it effortless and fast to fuel your days and enjoy hours of hot, freshly-brewed coffee.

The Pipamoka Coffee Maker comes from the creators of the beloved Minipresso and Nanopresso travel espresso makers, Wacaco, and the Pipamoka has been carefully conceived and designed to give coffee lovers an all-in-one coffee travel experience. It boasts a first-of-its-kind twisting mechanism to create vacuum pressure that enables users to make a full cup of balanced coffee in two minutes.

Impressive Heritage

Having sold over one million portable espresso machines worldwide, Wacaco is boldly ramping up their coffee accessory offerings with the portable filter coffee maker in the shape of the new Pipamoka. It is the first non-espresso coffee maker which has been purpose built for travel and adventure and it is set to retail at US$46.90 (with a pre-order price of US$39.90). It has been designed by regular travellers and adventure enthusiasts to be the easiest way to enjoy a full cup of coffee wherever your journey takes you.

The Pipamoka Coffee Maker from Wacaco has a unique brewing process where users insert their ground coffee into a dedicated filter basket, add hot water and drop the filter basket to the bottom of the Pipamoka. Using the innovative twisting mechanism, vacuum pressure is generated inside the travel mug. This negative pressure provides a suction force that draws hot water downwards through the coffee grounds. The coffee is then brewed directly into the insulated thermal cup where it will stay hot for hours.

Carefully engineered to brew a consistently clean, full-flavoured cup of coffee in about two minutes flat, the Pipamoka’s vacuum pressure brewing method sets it apart from other devices and will blow you away with its efficiency and delicious tasting brews. All of the Pipamoka’s parts fit securely inside the mug, which will help you to pack more efficiently for any business trip or adventure out into the wild. You can bring your favourite coffee grounds with you so you’re always ready to refuel with your preferred brew.

A Matter of Taste

With an extraction time of just 80 seconds, the short pressure brew time allow you to extract a full-flavoured cup of coffee with balanced acidity. The stainless steel vacuum insulated Pipamoka mug will help make sure your coffee stays hot for 3-4 hours. Environmentally friendly, the stainless steel micro-filter is re-useable, which means there is no excess waste created from having to use one-time-use paper filters.

Brilliantly priced and elegantly designed from durable, yet lightweight, materials; the Pipamoka Coffee Maker from Wacaco will be your reliable travel coffee ally for many years to come. Available for preorder now, this will be ready to rock in 2020 and we’ll definitely be looking to get our hands on one here