Boots are one of the first choice of footwear for most men and the majority will want a pair that they can wear day in day out which delivers in both the style and comfort departments. Enter the Viberg Service Boots. Available in a vast array of different colours, this first class footwear from Viberg is positively dripping in old school cool and boasts the sort of vintage vibe that 21st century men invariably gravitate towards.

The Viberg story starts over a century ago and spans four generations. It is a story about family and the value of hard work and sheer determination. They are rightly proud of their wonderful heritage and remain entirely family owned and operated to this day. It is off the back of exceptional releases like the Viberg Service Boots that they have garnered such a lofty reputation within the footwear industry and we’re loving the impeccable craftsmanship that goes into all their wares here 

Stand To Deliver

With the prices for the Viberg Service Boots starting at $670, they have to deliver on every level from comfort to style and, we’re please to report, they don’t just deliver but positively excel. The Service Boots from Viberg are billed as an updated interpretation of the factory’s original work boot, and they were originally designed by their founder Edwin Viberg in 1931. It is a classic lace up, ankle boot pattern which adds a versatile option to any wardrobe. It was the first model that Viberg offered and remains their most popular today. And for good reason.

The Viberg Service Boots (from $670) have a stitchdown construction and are crafted from high quality Chromexcel leather with a Dainite sole. All these materials and features combine together to deliver easily amongst the most comfortable boots on the market and when you factor in their aesthetic appeal as well, it’s certainly not difficult to see why Viberg are such a well regarded purveyor of men’s footwear.

Horween’s signature Chromexcel leather makes use of a proprietary recipe that was developed more than 100 years ago and has remained mostly unchanged to this day because of the exemplary performance it delivers. Chromexcel is a full-grain, combination tanned leather with a distinct pull-up and full aniline, hand rubbed finish. It has a soft temper and waxy feel, which makes it ideally suited for footwear. Viberg have been using heavyweight Chromexcel leather for over a decade and its unmatched functionality makes it the ideal choice for their superb Service Boots collection.

Devil in the Detail

Viberg are a brand that firmly believe in doing things right and this applies to all the footwear which they create. Each pair of Service Boots ships with alternate laces, dust bags, a polishing cloth and a 1oz bottle of Viberg Shoe Cream to make sure they stay looking their best day in, day out. The quality of the footwear from Viberg really does speak for itself and it is their exemplary Service Boots which really resonate with us here.

The heritage quality of these Service Boots, which start at $670, means that they get better with age and will develop a patina which tells a tale of all the adventures you’ve taken them on. Available in an array of different colours, you’re sure to find the perfect pair of Viberg Service Boots for you in 2020.