VARIDESK  – Pro Plus 36
VARIDESK – Pro Plus 36

Fighting Fit, Against Sittingitis

“Sittingitis” The phrase that describes how sedentary we have become through chronic sitting, a daily habit we are accustomed to and stuck in a routine.

As we hear more news on sitting disease the facts are compelling, whilst there are clear physical and mental consequences that impact us through being sedentary.

  • Chronic Disease: People who sit a lot tend to die earlier. Excessive sitting is associated with premature mortality from all causes, and the development of the “big three” killer diseases: heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.
  • Obesity and Weight Gain: Calorie burning and fat metabolism practically shut down when you sit for too long, which can lead to conditions like metabolic syndrome and type II diabetes.
  • Back Pain: Excessive sitting can lead to or exacerbate chronic back and neck pain. Our bodies aren’t meant to remain in any static position for hours at a time.
  • Depression: Too little physical activity not only leads to current depressive symptoms but also increases the likelihood of future symptoms.
  • Low Energy and Productivity: Sitting may be the reason for your afternoon slump. Many standing desk users report an increase in energy, focus and productivity.

The dynamic and adaptable products have been designed to create an active workspace, which will encourage movement, energy, collaboration and productivity; ensuring a positive company culture that attracts the best talent. With no assembly or hassle needed Varidesk to make it easier than ever to transform your office design. More info benefits are available here