The pioneers of protein drinks have created tasty, real fruit spring waters containing protein and vitamins

Set to shake up the soft drinks market, a refreshing and tasty new range of real fruit, protein and vitamin infused spring waters from UPBEAT have just landed. They combine taste, hydration and nutrition without a single drop of sugar, helping you perform at your best throughout the day.

Available in two delicious flavours, Blueberry & Raspberry and Summer Lemon, the drinks are scientifically proven to help you stay strong, feel energised and maintain mental performance whilst keeping you hydrated. UPBEAT real fruit spring waters will be available at WHSmith Travel and on Amazon from mid-August.

At UPBEAT we live by the motto ‘mindset is everything’.  We believe that anything is possible and how you perform shapes the world around you. To be at your best you need to feel at your best, which means premium nutrition. With life so busy that isn’t easy. So, we have developed a new highly nutritious drink that doesn’t compromise on taste.  This is affordable smart hydration to enable busy people to perform at their best.

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Why is it so smart?

The new 500ml UPBEAT protein and vitamin spring waters contain:

  • Spring water for hydration
  • Real fruit, from low sugar fruit juice, for a great and refreshing taste
  • Whey protein is vegetarian and contains all nine essential amino acids to keep your body strong
  • Essential B5 vitamin to support mental performance and vitamins B5, B6 and B12 to support your metabolism and to help reduce stress and fatigue

And what are the health benefits of vegetarian protein?

Traditionally associated with foul tasting powders, shakes or cold boiled eggs, whey protein has a reputation for being a post-workout supplement.  Protein is actually part of a balanced, healthy lifestyle and doesn’t require a hard gym session to consume it.  Nor does it require a punishing drink!  Whey protein actually contributes to maintaining muscle and normal bones and already 1 in 4 of us in the UK consume it several times every week.  13.1m[1] UK consumers are looking for nutritional and affordable health drinks and are all too aware that high protein will often bring high sugar (to mask the protein taste).  The innovators at UPBEAT have spent years developing a drink that tastes great and gives high nutritional value of 25% of your recommended daily protein intake along with a vitamin boost.  Yes whey!

Tried and tested on over 6000 consumers this summer, say hello to daily, smart hydration.