TX20 Retro Headsets – Gioteck
TX20 Retro Headsets – Gioteck

Old school cool for your Switch at a bargain price!

The TX-20 is a blast from the past with modern drivers, design and build quality. Great for anything that takes a 3.5mm jack, but looks especially cool when using with a Switch.

The headset itself is great to look at and nods to all of the qualities expected from a pair of headphones in the 80’s.

A great touch is the iconic orange foam ear cups. Using the headset with your phone in your pocket, you wouldn’t look out of place in Dalston on the weekend.

They’re completely adjustable which means they’re great for kids and adult kids too.  You can move the earpieces up and down to best suit the size and shape of your head.

Sound quality is what you expect form a £15 pear of headphones. However, they work well and do the job, whilst looking unique.

They’re available right now for just £14.99 and we’d expect them to sell out pretty quickly for the price.

You can buy the TX-20 today on Amazon, and they’re available on Prime too, so you can have em the next day for free!