For those who love their music, having a high-quality audio solution in your home or workspace is an absolute must and if you’re in the market for something new in 2020, this ace looking Tivoli Audio Music System Home is going to be ticking plenty of the right boxes from an aesthetics and performance perspective. It has a decidedly vintage vibe to its design and comes in a classically cool walnut / black colourway that will effortlessly fit in with any interior design aesthetic.

The Tivoli Audio Music System Home is a top performer and will make sure that all your favourite tunes sound exactly as the artists intended. Priced at $749, this is clearly an investment but one that any music lover won’t regret making because the audio quality is unparalleled and it looks so cool in any home or office. The Tivoli Audio Music System Home delivers superior sound in a sleek, contemporary design.

Sounds Good

Needless to say, the sound quality is the most important characteristic of any piece of audio apparatus and, we’re pleased to report, the Tivoli Audio Music System Home definitely doesn’t disappoint in this regard. It is one of the cornerstone releases from Tivoli, a renowned brand based on the quality of their audio equipment, and from the first time your fire it up, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to get such an accomplished piece of kit in your home.

The minimalist, vintage and timeless design of the Tivoli Audio Music System Home ($749) looks fantastic on any nightstand, dresser, or bookshelf and regardless of where you end up housing it, it will deliver a sound quality beyond compare and ramp up the aesthetic appeal of the spot considerably. The subtle, dark circular screen on the front of the device displays your music picks, the clock, Wifi, and much more besides but it is incredibly simple to set up and start using right away so you’ll be listening to your favourite tunes in no time at all.

It’s reassuring to know that without breaking the bank, you can turn to first class devices like this one from Tivoli Audio and their lineup of speakers that deliver studio-worthy sound while adding no shortage of style to your nightstand, dresser, or bookshelf. Each one has been crafted from only the finest materials that enhance the listener’s audio experience. These understated speakers offer Bluetooth connectivity and multiple volume settings for a personal listening experience every time you switch it on.

Versatile Performer

As you would expect from an audio device today, the Tivoli Audio Music System Home is compatible with all the leading streaming devices and platforms which includes Spotify, Amazon Alexa, Amazon Music, and Audible. It provides superior sound courtesy of the rear-ported design and class-AB amp that allows for the full-range sound that makes your music sound its best.

The $749 price tag is decidedly reasonable for such a top performing piece of audio equipment and Tivoli are amongst the most respected brands on the market when it comes to speakers and audio devices so you know you’re getting a bit of kit with some considerable pedigree. Each one includes a quick-start manual, all the necessary cables to operate, a remote control, and an antenna for radio so you’re all set as soon as you unbox it.