Thirsti – smart water tracker
Thirsti – smart water tracker

Thirsti is a world-first personal hydration coach that monitors exactly what you drink throughout the day and giving you gentle reminders to help keep properly hydrated, which can help you feel more alert, reduce weight gain and improve your complexion. 

It works by placing a smart ‘puck’ into any water bottle, which uses patented pressure-sensing technology to measure exactly how much you have drunk. This is digitally connected to an app (iOS only) to give readings of your real-time consumption, progress towards your goals, and alerts to when you need to drink more. 
The product was featured on Dragon’s Den in 2017 and is even being considered to track Ostomy patient dehydration in some hospitals as it’s more effective than currently-used means.
It’s well suited for anyone health-conscious, with proper hydration being linked to reduced fatigue, improved complexion, and accelerated weight loss.
It currently stocks at £29.99 on John Lewis and Amazon.