The Secret Of Happiness
The Secret Of Happiness

Master Oh brings calmness in the city

It’s no secret that people around the world have a love-hate relationship with cities. While the hustle and bustle can fuel creativity and excitement, there’s nothing quite like a serene escape with a bit of peace and quiet. But when an idyllic getaway isn’t in close reach, Master Oh is here to help alleviate the everyday stresses that come with city life.

Encouraging the nation to tap into their ‘human energy’ also known as Qi, Master Oh practices a distinctive healing method that enables people to harnesses their energy to achieve a deep sense of contentment and happiness. An effective and sustainable means to remove stress, reduce anxiety and recharge, Master Oh is on a mission to teach people how to cultivate the power of Qi.

Responsible for keeping everything in balance and harmony, Qi provides communication between all cells, organs and systems in the body. According to Eastern medicine, problems can develop when energy levels within the body drop, are blocked or become stagnant or toxic, consequently making the body more prone to illness or injury, and less able to recover if problems arise.

Centred around utilising the body’s vital energy, Master Oh champions the natural flow of Qi to promote wellbeing and ward off emotional and physical ailments. Renowned for his ability to realign and correct the circulation of energy in the human body, Master Oh is highly regarded as the Master of Qi.

From rejuvenating energy treatments to bespoke consultations, Master Oh is commended around the world for his ability to read emotional, mental and physical patterns as well as for the insight he provides on ways in which individuals can unlock the key to happiness.

Master Oh explains, “We live in a world where we are each faced with different challenges and as a result we are affected by so much suffering and pain because we are disconnected from our original nature. This disconnection is experienced by not only individuals but also families and communities which ultimately creates negative energy within the world.


“However, when we learn to harness the power of Qi, our minds become clear, bright and beautiful. We have more compassion, devotion, become selfless, and most importantly understand the true purpose of our lives – who we are and how we should live. Now is the time to go beyond religion, philosophy, race or conditioning. We need to remove everything which is creating separation and recreate harmony.”