The Rise of The New Creative Economy
The Rise of The New Creative Economy

Now, more than ever, we are searching for new ways to keep ourselves entertained and enjoy content (the impact of the pandemic on entertainment…live show cancellations, delayed releases and amended schedules).

New membership platform, Patreon, allows fans to access genuinely unique and personal content from their favourite artists – musicians, podcasters, illustrators, writers, comedians, sports broadcasters.

Patreon’s subscription model invites fans to pay a monthly fee of their choosing to their favourite artists (creators) in exchange for exclusive access, extra content, or a closer look into their creative journey. Unlike other subscription and broadcast services, content on Patreon is completely unique to the platform and is delivered directly from the artist to their ‘patrons’. The model allows both artists and fans to form a fulfilling and respectful relationship.

Today, Patreon has over 4 million patrons receiving exclusive benefits from the artists they love; including behind the scenes footage, livestreams, Q&As, early access to new releases, polls, exclusive downloads and life / work updates. Patreon provides fans with a more detailed, interesting look into the life of an artist and gifts them with so much more than what’s released to the masses.

This new subscription model is a win-win; creators retain creative freedom whilst earning the salary they deserve (all monthly subscription fees are paid directly to the artist) and fans get to experience and contribute to more content that they love from artists that inspire them.

In recent weeks, Patreon has experienced an exponential surge in new memberships (creators and patrons alike), with artists looking to support revenue streams / keep connected with their fans (live shows cancellations, releases delayed, schedules amended)

Key take-outs from Patreon’s latest data include:  

  • More than 30,000 creators (artists) launched on Patreon in the first three weeks of March 2020 alone, and these new creators are acquiring patrons much faster than usual. As a result, creators are launching on Patreon faster than at any point in the company’s history  
  • Artists have increased their earnings during this time period, thanks to an increasing number of fans subscribing to the platform
  • On Friday 13thMarch, patron growth across the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia and Italy is up 36.2% compared to February – an indication that fans are turning to Patreon to keep them entertained
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