The KEF LSX ‘Soundwave’ by Sir Terence Conran now available
The KEF LSX ‘Soundwave’ by Sir Terence Conran now available

KEF is proud to announce the new LSX ‘Soundwave’ by Sir Terence Conran. A perfect balance of form and function, the LSX Soundwave combines the advanced design technology and the true wireless, high-resolution stereo experience of the original LSX with a design inspired by the visualisation of sound waves, which is subtly designed into an exclusive fabric that wraps the shell of the LSX.

The Conran partnership continues KEF’s long tradition of design collaboration. Previously, KEF collaborated with the visionary designer Ross Lovegrove on the ambitious Muon project and the creation of the original LSX was overseen by British designer Michael Young. 

Compact, effortless to operate, wireless and stylish, the LSX Soundwave satisfies those looking for both a powerful speaker and a standout piece for their home. This new design highlights details such as the Uni-Q™ tweeter and base in Conran’s trademark blue, whilst stylised soundwaves weave their way through the grey fabric that encapsulates the LSX to enhance the original speaker. It provides a tactile and visual uniqueness that echoes Sir Terence Conran’s early work as a textile designer. 

Commenting on the launch Sir Terence Conran said, “Simplicity, beauty and functionality are the solid foundations of good design but I always think a magic ingredient or element of surprise can raise the whole look or mood of a product altogether. A flash of colour, an intriguing pattern or an element of texture perhaps. Audio systems are no longer a piece of background technology hidden away in a corner, they are as much a focal point in a room as a favourite object, antique or piece of artwork so the quality of the design is essential. When I sat down to consider the design of the fabric for the LSX Soundwave, I looked out from my desk over the river Thames and the ripples over the water and visualised waves of sound passing through the air.”

  • As with the original, the LSX Soundwave follows the award-winning LS50 Wireless and shares much of the cutting-edge acoustic engineering that has made that product famous within the audio community. The result is that while the LSX Soundwave is small enough to sit on shelves or desktops, flank a TV or be wall or stand mounted thanks to a range of dedicated accessories, its high-end, onboard electronics and amplification will easily fill a room with exceptionally rich, detailed sound.

  • Fully wireless, both from source and between the speakers, the LSX Soundwave can be set-up in minutes using the KEF Control app, which also manages feature updates via simple over-the-air downloads and integrates with Spotify Connect®, Apple Music® and Tidal®. It also features Apple AirPlay™ 2 technology enabling multi-room streaming from an iPhone, iPad, or Mac

Availability: Available now – exclusively from, or in-store at The Conran Shop (Chelsea, Marylebone and Selfridges & Co.)