The Black Mask Company
The Black Mask Company

Just over a week on from launch, David Haye’s ‘The Black Mask Company’ is today announcing the latest addition to its face mask range – the Black Mask Company now comes in Sky Grey

David Haye – former boxing world heavyweight champion, CEO and Founder of The Black Mask Company – said: 

“I wanted to offer the younger generation, who initially appeared to be slow adopters of face masks, a product which they wouldn’t feel compromised their style. The new Sky Grey face mask has already been spotted on the fashion-forward, sporting icon, Lewis Hamilton as he stepped onto the tarmac at Silverstone looking effortlessly cool, ahead of his Grand Prix win on Sunday. Whilst we may not want to wear masks, we are having to adapt to the world around us and we may as well make it a sleek accessory and acknowledge our community responsibility while looking after the planet with an eco-friendly, washable face mask.”

The Black Mask Company launched on the 23rd of July to coincide with the government guidelines that the UK must wear face coverings in shops and supermarkets. The government has since announced that masks will be increasingly mandatory in most public indoor settings, including cinemas, galleries and places of worship as of this Saturday, the 8th August

The Sky Grey face mask from ‘The Black Mask Company’ costs between £9.50-£12.50 each and is available in a range of sizes for children & adults. They can be purchased at

“We don’t want COVID-19 to ruin your style. For many, ugly disposable masks, which we now see littered all over our streets have no real place on your face! There are better alternatives for style, comfort and the environment that also position face masks as a symbol of unity in our fight against COVID-19.”

The Black Mask Company’ range brings a comfortable cotton three-layer face mask marrying stealth design and reusability to appeal to the fashion conscious. At a time when 129 billion disposable face masks every month* are being dumped into the environment, ‘The Black Mask Company’ is delivering a much needed sustainable and economical solution, as unlike its one-use disposable counterpart, it can also be washed and reused up to 30 times.