There are so many amazing pieces of contemporary architecture in the world but more and more are cropping up in South East Asia and in Vietnam in particular and you can add another to that ever growing list in the shape of the Terraced Field House from QBi Corp Architects. It is another spectacular example of modern design in action and is a stunning residential home filled with eye-catching features throughout.

The Terraced Field House from QBi Architects is located in a relatively built up area but the team behind its design have done a superb job of ensuring it feels like a relaxing oasis. This mesmerising property has an impressive 700m2 of living space which offers an abundant amount of options for the architects to incorporate some great looking design features.

Practicality Meets Convenience

The owners of the Terraced Field House wanted something that was both practical and convenient for their lifestyles and the architects behind the build have delivered this with aplomb. This glorious residential property from QBi Corp uses the plot space cleverly and from the outside the lush greenery covered fence guides visitors into a realm of awe, only surpassed by the quality of the house itself which has some breathtaking interior design elements throughout.

Passing the entrance gates of the Terraced Field House from QBi Corp, the property displays an array of exotic shapes combined with timber slating – which gives the exterior a wonderful pleasing aesthetic that, though contemporary, has a distinct Vietnamese vibe. A stand out design feature of the home’s living room is the “bird nest” style pendant which is attached to the ceiling and compliments the timber wrapped around the elevator.

The dining and kitchen areas of the Terraced Field House fit both the styles and needs of the owners. Both have an open view to the garden which helps bring the outside in and open up the interior space a little. The materials used in the kitchen are easy to clean and maintain and the dining table set matches the use of timber on the ceiling and floor.

One For The Tech Lovers

This stunning property in Vietnam is sure to resonate with lovers of tech and movies as it has its own impressive theatre within. It is filled with high tech equipment, sound insulation and absorptive materials which, when combined with the velvet walls, creates a truly cinematic experience for enjoying all the owner’s favourite films and television shows.

The outside of the Terraced Field House makes the most of the tropical climate of Vietnam with a sensational looking outdoor pool and koi pond. It is surrounded with verdant greenery and the back garden of the home is a world away from the hustle and bustle that is going on around it.