Electric skateboards are, truth be told, probably not the first thing we’d think of to get about our urban environment here at but the more we see releases like the TeamGee H20T Electric Skateboard, which is funding on Kickstarter now, the more on board we’re getting. Billed as an affordable option for every type of terrain, this might just be the ideal choice for any man looking to take the electric skateboard plunge in 2020.

The TeamGee H20T Electric Skateboard on Kickstarter is available for the early bird price of just £358 which, when you consider this is some 53% off the final retail price, represents excellent value for money. This new release from TeamGee offers some considerable upgrades on their previous releases and will bowl you over with both its technical prowess and on-the-road performance.

Electrifying Performance

Boasting wide rubber tires for a much more stable ride, the TeamGee H20T Electric Skateboard is a top performer which is available for an incredible price right now during the crowdfunding campaign. It has a top speed of a mighty impressive 28MPH and a range of some 24 miles which will be more than sufficient for all your urban exploration and adventures. The maple and fibreglass deck is both robust and aesthetically appealing and this is certainly one of the coolest looking electric skateboards that you’re likely to encounter in 2020.

You can truly take a ride on any road or surface through rain or shine with this fantastically advanced TeamGee H20T Electric Skateboard. It uses 103mm rubber tires that are widened by 24 holes to add shock absorption to the performance. The holes create a buffer zone and reduce weight allowing you to cruise in stability on any road. This offers a smoother riding experience courtesy of the additional support provided by their anti-skid capabilities, making them perfect for rain-slick streets and wet pavement.

Versatility is the name of the game with the H20T Electric Skateboard and it boasts the most versatile wheels on a longboard ever which can be replaced in as little as 10 minutes. Switching out the tires also lengthens the motor’s lifespan by a factor of 4-5x, which means you to keep your board in use for longer, unlike other eBoards which require you to replace the motor and the tires.

Jaw Dropping Distances

The TeamGee H20T Electric Skateboard lets you go further than you imagined possible on a single charge. It offers you up to an astounding 40km of range on a single charge, which means you have more than enough juice to cover any city centre or suburb without having to worry about a low battery coming into play. Using 2 x 600W motors and made with four gears of acceleration and speed, the H20T offers unparalleled control of your riding experience.

It is the sense of speed that really makes the H20T appeal to our sensibilities here. You can expect to accelerate from 0 to 28MPH (45km/h) in a mere 3-5 seconds, which gives you the feeling of driving a racing car. This is made possible by the H20T’s low weight, allowing you to accelerate in less time. And switching between modes is a simple press away thanks to the perfected TeamGee handheld remote