Getting around your urban jungle might be about to get a whole lot cooler and more fun in 2022 courtesy of a great looking campaign over on Indiegogo that goes by the name of the TAITO e-Scooter. This impressive looking contraption has taken the crowdfunding platform by storm and it is extremely fun to ride but takes everything else seriously – such as performance, materials and craftsmanship. The TAITO boasts a super sophisticated design that’s built to last. Feel free to ride all across your city without worrying about its performance. Come rain, shine, dark nights and potholes, you’ll be free to enjoy a sleek and stylish ride. With some serious after service back up to boot.

The TAITO e-Scooter over on Indiegogo is available for the bargain price of just £1389 right now and if you’re after a new mode of transportation for getting about town, this one definitely gets our vote here. This eye-catching machine comes with three wheels and a wide bamboo platform for a reason.  And that reason is to keep you safe and stable as you fly across town in style and get from A to B in no time at all as you nip in between traffic and you’ll unquestionably enjoy the ride as it delivers one of the most stable out there.

The superior riding comfort of the TAITO e-Scooter comes courtesy of the brand’s unique patent pending suspension system and floating platform design. Lean into a corner with all the confidence in the world. Never again will the road stop you from getting to your destination on time and in style. One of the coolest features of this ride is the LED lights and integrated indicators in the handlebars that ensure you can see and be seen all at all times. Additionally, TAITO have included an absolute life saver – namely, the Rider Light. This will shower you in a powerful red light from behind to keep you vibrantly visible to motorists.

Awesome to look at and with a mighty impressive on road performance, it’s not hard to see why the TAITO e-Scooter (£1389) has proven so popular over on Indiegogo. With a modular design, the TAITO can be repaired by pretty much anyone. They will even provide you with repair videos and spare parts so you can enjoy your scooter for many years to come. As well as its robust design, TAITO are building a huge service network to make sure you can get service anywhere you need it to make sure you’re always able to hit the road in search of adventure whenever you want to.

Positively packed with security features, the TAITO e-Scooter gives you that extra peace of mind you’ll want. Lock the motor electronically, track your scooter with GPS and get notified if someone’s trying to move it. The tubular frame has multiple closed loops that allows you to easily secure it with a bike lock as well. You can unlock the scooter’s full potential with the accompanying app. Mount your phone on the handlebars via the Quadlock integrated system and be wirelessly charged as you ride and access a mountain of data along the way. Visualise your speed, range and much more. Like what you see? Head on over to Indiegogo now.