It’s fair to say that when you think of electric bikes, Super73 will definitely be one of the first brands that springs to mind – and with good reason. This first class workshop has just announced their new range of electric bikes, the R-Series, and excitement is high about them because they boast some amazing features and an aesthetic that we’re big fans of here

The R-Series of electric bikes from Super73 uses their most powerful and technologically advanced drive system to date which has multi-class ride modes to deliver a level of performance seldom seen in electric bikes. These stunning steeds are available to pre-order now for the price of $2995 (which is down from their final retail price of $3495) so make sure you move quickly if you want to bag yourself a e-bike bargain in 2020.

Built For Performance

Some electric bikes look the part but don’t deliver on the streets. The R-Series from Super73 delivers in both departments and it is a street-legal electric motorbike that does not require a license or registration. The RX also boasts Super73’s all-new connected electronics suite which is compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices through the new Super73 App so you’re ride data will always be within a touch of a button.

The R-Series Electric Bikes from Super73 (pre-order price of $2995) will be delivering in spring of this year so its not too long to wait to get your hands on one of the most impressive e-bikes we’ve seen to date here. The bikes come with an aircraft-grade 6065/7071 aluminium alloy frame which is lighter and more rigid than steel. Aluminium is also rust and corrosion resistant for worry-free riding in all conditions – making these bikes fit for any terrains and adventures.

Available in two different colourways – namely, Carmine Red and Rhino Grey – you can pick the one that best fits in with your own style aesthetic. The R-Series fully adjustable suspension system includes preload, compression, and rebound adjustments, which means that riders can tune the system for their desired riding style. All the R-Series motorbikes are driven by a powerful internally geared brushless DC hub motor capable of outputting up to 2000 watts of peak power which is pretty impressive to say the least.

Impressive Range

The Super73 R-Series Electric Bikes are powered by a state-of-the-art 960 watt-hour battery, which is largest in the segment. This delivers an estimated 40+ miles of range at 20mph under throttle only operation and an estimated 75+ miles of range using ECO pedal assist mode which, if you’re using this for urban adventuring, will be enough to last for days if not weeks.

These bikes boast a powerful Tektro brake system which includes 4-piston forged aluminium calipers and 203/180mm rotors. The rotors are 28% thicker than normal bicycle brake rotors which means a better brake response, heat dispersion and heat tolerance, resulting in longer brake life. They also come with the all-new BDGR tire. At 5” wide, the all-new BDGR tire is the widest and most aggressive 20” all-terrain fat tire available. It is the first that blends motorcycle and bicycle tire construction methods to meet the needs of this revolutionary vehicle.