Street Photographer Joshua K. Jackson
Street Photographer Joshua K. Jackson

We've teamed up with Joshua K. Jackson to capture meaningful moments through seemingly everyday scenes on the streets of London as we start to emerge from lockdown.

The story he is able to tell through his photography is quite special. Without needing to travel far and wide, Joshua captures the moment whenever and wherever he is, something which is well suited for smartphone photography. This enables him to showcase his creativity and the capabilities of OPPO’s most powerful handset to date, the Find X2 Pro

To see the real-life impact of Josh’s work and see different areas, colours and objects to create the perfect shots, view the film he created. Here are his top tips on how to capture your street moments:

Always carry a camera: having a camera with you at all times will help to establish a rhythm of thinking about photography. Interesting moments often happen when we least expect it and will help avoid missing those ‘if only I had my camera’ situations. Using a smartphone to photograph will help you travel light and allow you to easily photograph any scenario.

Slow down to see more: by slowing our pace we will give ourselves more time to observe the world and notice things normally overlooked. It also gives us more time to prepare and make the most of any opportunities.

Remove technical distractions: thinking about camera settings can interrupt your rhythm and distract you from recognising opportunities. Using automatic modes will refocus your attention away from the camera to what’s important – observing the world and taking photographs.

See beyond the ordinary: look for unfamiliar things in familiar places. Photographing the often overlooked aspects of everyday life connect us to a more personal view of the world.

Fill the frame with what’s important: distracting elements in a photo can confuse the viewer, making a photograph difficult to read. A focussed composition will make the photograph easier for the viewer to connect with what’s going on. To fill the frame with a subject or photograph distant objects, use the in-built Periscope telephoto lens. This mode makes it easy to create focussed compositions, filling the frame with what’s important and eliminating any distracting elements. 

Use gridlines to compose: find your point of interest and line the shot up.  By switching on the grid or ‘rule of thirds’ lines, this makes composition easy. Why not explore more dynamic compositions and learn when to make photos outside of these ‘rules’?

Capturing dramatic scenes: when you’re wanting to provide greater context around a subject or point of interest, the Ultra-wide Angle will let you capture more of the environment.

Work with the light: the conditions can have a transformative effect on the way photographs look and feel. Pay attention to the light throughout the day to record stunning photos – use the quantity, quality and direction to your advantage, which covers you for all conditions in any environment. By using Night Mode it will let you record stunning details in low light situations.

Use manual tools for greater control: this opens up new creative possibilities to experiment with exposure and focus. Expert Mode makes it possible to capture the maximum information in an uncompressed file format. RAW files are ideal for photographers who post-process their photos – a great starting point for crafting your own look, as well as a big step forward in smartphone technology.

Enjoy the process: don’t put yourself under pressure to create your best work every time you go out. Take delight in the process of exploring the city, observing everyday life and making photographs.

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