South City Market Tattoos
South City Market Tattoos

One of London's most modern tattoo studios ran by London's greatest micro-detail artist Ricky Williams.

South City Market isn’t your usual tattoo studio, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were in a set from BladeRunner 2049. The interior is crisp, impeccably clean and stylish AF. Based our in SE London, New Cross (20 mins from Shoreditch, on the Overground) it’s a mere 5 min walk from the tube station. The surrounding area of the store is very deceptive, once you open the door to the studio, you’re instantly immersed into Ricky’s vision of the future of tattoo studios. 

In saying that, the art Ricky is scratching into your skin in second-to-none, you’ll only catch him inking monochrome onto skin for his micro tattoos, and upon seeing what he can do with black and white ink at such tiny sizes with HUGE detail, it’s easy to see why he doesn’t stray. 

His style of tattooing that consists of using only black ink and water, sometimes with a dash of white The black ink is watered down in order to create softer shades of grey for shading and highlighting. As you can see by the studio (and himself) monochrome is the theme here. 

For those of you new to tattooing and want to see your design come to life, the process couldn’t be any more straight forward, simply choose a design and send an email with the following information:

  • A description of the design
  • Some photo reference
  • Your preferred dates to schedule

All you’ll need to do is arrange a date with the team and get yourself down there. As it’s a tattoo studio, you’ll need to take ID. Also, the guys work on cash-only (retro, I know) but there’s a cash machine around the corner, for when you forget. 

South City Market tattoo studio is a large studio and has various world-renowned artists on rotation, so if you’re looking for something more colourful, speak to the team or check out their website/socials to see which artist you think suits your aesthetic. 

You can book now by using the contact form on their website