Soundasleep Bluetooth Speaker
Soundasleep Bluetooth Speaker

A pillow with a speaker inside... Sounds odd or gimmicky at first, however, if you're into meditation this is perfect! 

Taking sleeping to new heights, all you need is to download the free Soundasleep app on your smart device, which then opens up the pillows true features. Via the app, you can play the music of your choice, but also various sounds or songs provided for free, that may assist with you falling to sleep, whale noises anyone? These include meditation tracks, natural sounds like a crackling fireplace or heavy rain, white noise sounds like a hair dryer or city ambience, plus a few more.

A great feature is the alarm function, gently waking you up in the morning. Rather than the klaxon of a tinny phone speaker scaring you out of bed. To complement this feature, it also has a sleep tracker helping you keep track of your sleep health and patterns.

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The pillow itself is actually pretty decent, due to its slight firmness you don’t notice there is a hidden speaker inside. It’s quite high and plump and promises not to lose its figure.

The pillow retails for £50, which is great value for this will outlast any Silent Night at the same price range.