For those in the market for some new tech that is a cut above from an innovation perspective, you may well want to check out this HomeBase and Solar Boombox Ecosystem from Solgaard which is funding over on Kickstarter right now. HomeBase is a shelf with wireless charging and built in amplifier for the new Solar Boombox & Powerbank.

Ideally suited for those with an environmental conscience because these products are made from ocean plastic. 

Technologically Superior

The Homebase from Solgaard is a wireless charging shelf which is ideal next to your bedside or your home office and boasts an effortlessly cool design that will fit in with interior design aesthetic of any home. It also has space for all your EDC essentials such as your smartphone, keys and wallet to name but a few.

With the Boombox you get 96hr of music and a 10,000mAh powerbank that will keep all of your gadgets juiced day in, day out. The Juicepack offers 20,000mAh charging power and will rapidly and wirelessly charge up all of your technological essentials. These wares are available for a bargain price during the Kickstarter campaign so make your move now if you want to bag yourself a steal.

It is the environmental friendliness of these products that really sets them apart in our opinion here and the fact they are made from ocean plastic means you can feel good about deploying them in your home. Keeping your tech charged has never been so easy as with these superb Solgaard products and their excellent design is combined with an unparalleled performance.

Versatile Positioning

Designed to be deployed more or less anywhere in the home, these great looking wares from Solgaard can be used in the hallway, living room, bedroom, home or office or more. It has a wide charging base which makes your wireless charging a breeze and has space for charging up to four devices at once.

Funding on Kickstarter for a bargain price right now, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better wireless charging solution for your home than these first class products from Solgaard. Rapid, stylish and easy to install, they’re a real triple threat and we’re certainly looking to get our hands on some here.