Minimalism is something we gravitate when it comes to design aesthetics here and if this is a look you’re trying to cultivate in your own home but want to go big with your choice of audio apparatus, look no further than this, frankly rather breathtaking, Slab Console™. This amazing piece of audio apparatus is a real sight to behold and boasts movie theater sound, living room visuals.

As you would expect from such an impressive looking bit of kit, the Slab Console™ doesn’t come cheap. It has the rather hefty price tag of $6,995 and whilst this is undoubtedly a lot to shell out, you’re getting an audio solution that doesn’t just look amazing, it also delivers an out of this world acoustic performance to boot. Billed as a contemporary take on the 60s and 70s TV consoles, the Slab Console™ delivers high fidelity audio into your modern space without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.

Sensational Sound Performance

It’s not often that you get a piece of audio apparatus that shines in both the looks and sound department but that’s certainly something which can be said of the Slab Console™. It is equally at home playing reference-quality two channel music or immersive 5.1 surround movies and games so, no matter how you choose to use it, the Slab Console™ definitely isn’t going to let you down.

The Slab Console™ ($6,995) has passive left, centre, and right channel speakers in addition to a recessed active subwoofer for an unparalleled audio performance. This stunning credenza can effortlessly replace four freestanding speakers in one understated, contemporary and musical console. You can add an A/V Receiver or Amplifier / Processor combo of your choice and enjoy music and movies like never before.

Each one of these mesmerising Slab Consoles™ is made to order to exacting standards so the quality they possess truly is second to none. It is made with a CNC precision-milled, multi-layer MDF and furniture-grade plywood core for audio stability and this is supported by an aluminium frame. Each and every piece of the Slab Console™ is hand-assembled and then finished with real wood veneer that looks and feels great.

Aesthetics Meets Performance

It’s hard not to be impressed with the Slab Console™ but, given its price tag, it should wow you. It effortlessly combines ultra-rich audio and timeless design in a space-defining work of art and boasts a future proof design which will let you simply swap out your receiver without replacing the console as and when technology improves and changes.

Truly built to last, the Slab Console™  is assembled by hand using the very best wood, aluminium, and composite materials on the market. These materials have been hand-selected and no two consoles will be the same as a result. The aluminium frame is backed by acoustically-transparent fabric and this expertly conceals the console’s audio prowess.