Shadow – High End Gaming PC for less than £20pm!
Shadow – High End Gaming PC for less than £20pm!

Ever wanted the latest high-end PC but couldn;t afford it or don;t have the technical experience to build your own?

With Shadow, turn any screen into a high-end PC! Make the most out of all your software and games, and never worry about hardware limitations. Only £19.99 per month, cancel anytime. You can instantly become a top end gamer with one of the worlds best-set ups.

(the usual price of the service is £26.95, rather than £19.99, the price of £19.99 is a Christmas offer only)

All you need is £19.99 and a screen, any screen. Forget about hardware: Shadow is a full Windows computer you can access through a simple app. Enjoy your high-end remote computer on any platform you want.

You can access your Shadow on any device. Transform your laptop or Mac into a high-end PC, run the latest games on your smartphone, or use your smart Android TV as a supercharged console. You can even seamlessly switch from one device to another! Download the Shadow apps for all platforms and experience the exact same performance anywhere you choose.

From the 11th December until the 9th of January 2019. As part of the Christmas deal, Shadow will be available for the first-month price of £19.99.
As a final Christmas gift, all users will receive a copy of the cult racing game TrackMania² Stadium to play as well as Shadow-exclusive gaming modes.
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