Sennheiser Momentum TW – Review
Sennheiser Momentum TW – Review

A triumph in truly wireless headphones, well worth the wait.

If you’ve ever tried a set from the Momentum range, then you already know the standards will be unparalleled when it comes to build and sound quality. The excellent bottom-end and sub-bass response that makes the full-size Sennheiser Momentum headphones so thrilling is back and better than ever before, providing plenty of excitement. Better yet, they’ve lost the wires.

The reason why Sennheiser took so long in bringing them out is apparent from the moment you start using them. Seamlessly glide through playlists, answer calls, hear the outside world louder with transparent hearing plus much more… All with the swipe of a finger. The new touch control is the easiest controlling of an earpiece we’ve seen. After a few uses and reminding yourself what does what, you become an expert. Especially handy when commuting and you want to listen out for public announcements, just two taps and your music stops and every outside noise is amplified, great for lunch breaks.

In typical Sennheiser fashion, the earphones are ridiculously hard to fault. By far the biggest problem with other true wireless headphones is lacklustre sound, at least for the price.  In terms of competition, the Jabra Elite 65T is the only pair we’ve tested that are similar, yet nowhere near as good in sound quality and use-ability.  If you’ve used other True Wireless before and weren’t happy, don’t let that taint your decision, Sennheiser has created a next level benchmark in terms of everyday use, sound quality and design.

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The body gently tapers into a small sound tube, leaving the largest part to rest outside your ear canal; I’ve had worse fit issues with far smaller earbuds. I had no issue wearing the MTW for hours, and given my ears can be finicky about fit, I suspect most people won’t either. A great point is ear fatigue, for instance using the BEOPLAY in ears, after an hour my ears hurt, I tested the MTW for 3 hours on a train, when music wasn’t playing, I forgot they were in. This cozy fit contributes to the fantastic isolation from the outside world – some of the best in the category. Unlike AirPods, which let you hear all your surroundings, the Momentum True Wireless block out more noise than most full-size noise-cancelling headphones.

The charging case is stunning and feels like it’s built to last. Similar to a Google home, coated in durable fabric. The best thing about the case? USBC (yes) finally! Sennheiser, albeit late to the party on wire-free, showing other brands what customers want.  You’ll never need to carry around an extra cable for something that’s supposed to cut down on the wires. Battery life on the earbuds themselves are great and you’ll find charge anxiety leaves after a few trips without the case. Although the case is a small pebble, you can easily carry in your jeans pocket.

Quality is key here both AptX and AAC are on board so both Android and iOS users have access to a high-quality Bluetooth codec. AptX Low Latency also makes a rare appearance, meaning voices are always in sync when watching videos, and making the MTW one of the few true wireless earbuds suitable for tasks demanding minimal audio delay. Moreover, the MTW has the most rock-solid Bluetooth connection I’ve heard from this form factor. Over several days with hours of listening indoor and out, the sound never dropped out. I can’t even say that about some full-size Bluetooth headphones.

Easily the best performing in ear true wireless buds we’ve tested, let’s hope they can shave a few mm off for the second version and get them flush with your ears. Saying that it’s not even a bad thing, it’s just the ONLY thing we can think of to make them better. The audio performance is incredible, they look great and they last a long time.

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