Seetal Fatania Launches Fifth and Blue
Seetal Fatania Launches Fifth and Blue

Fashion Meets Tech - with Fifth & Blue, Seetal scours the globe to find the best independent designers and innovators of stylish thoughtful tech with the consumer in mind. Products include everything from contactless payment rings, to smart tech handbags with Bluetooth connectivity for proximity alerts and a biometric fingerprint lock. 

Seetal recently launched Fifth & Blue, a marketplace bringing fashionable wearable tech innovations direct to style-conscious consumers that want the best of both worlds. 
Products include the below and many, many more:

For the last 15 years, Seetal has worked with multiple FTSE companies within the financial, retail, telecoms and more recently fashion tech industry to lead on their brand and marketing strategies. She decided to give up this comfortable lifestyle to follow her passion of offering technology that can help solve life’s pain points and be stylish at the same time. Whether it saves us a couple of minutes a day, keeps us safe, keeps us connected or keeps us healthy.

Her aim is to raise awareness that wearable, fashionable tech is more than just smartwatches and health trackers and wants to give designers a platform to showcase their innovations and offer consumers a choice of stylish wearables that suit their needs and solve a pain point, so they can not only look smart but live smarter.