As most of us know, space is often at a premium in our workspaces especially as we add more and more tech and essentials to our desks and the monitor is typically one of the biggest space hogs for many. Well, no longer courtesy of this great looking Samsung Space Monitor which is purpose-built to reduce its overall footprint on your desk and free up more space to help you keep your desk organised and you productive.

The Samsung Space Monitor is a minimalistic marvel that performs excellently but does so without taking up an abundant amount of space on your desk. This first class piece of design from Samsung is incredibly versatile, and does a fine job of demonstrating their commitment to continued innovation and leadership in the area of computer accessories. The Samsung Space Monitor is a beautifully designed screen that will help give you the impetus to do more and be more creative.

Elegant Design Principles

One of the first things you’ll notice about the Samsung Space Monitor is its wonderfully sleek design which allows users to focus on what’s on the screen and not what is surrounding it. When the monitor is too big a factor on the space on your desk it can offer make you more messy but when it’s not overbearing, you’ll be able to manage your desk space much better. Its unique built-in space saving solution, a minimalist fully-integrated arm, clamps to the desk and does a superb job of freeing up desk space for ultimate user productivity.

The Samsung Space Monitor is extremely simple to set up and adjust when you aren’t using it, and even easier to push back and store flat against the wall when you want the most possible space on your desk. Through easy ergonomic adjustment, port access and a discreet cable management system, the Space Monitor from Samsung significantly enhances the form and function of any workstation or home office and we’re big fans of its innovative space-saving design here.

It’s not just aesthetically unparalleled, the Samsung Space Monitor also boasts a highly impressive technological performance. The 27-inch model delivers QHD resolution for exceptionally detailed, pin-sharp images, while the 32-inch model provides your content in stunning 4K UHD. The Space Monitor gives users a unique arm stand, which can disappear into the back of the monitor’s slim-bezel and, when using the stand, it can be easily tilted or extended from the wall which ensures you can position it exactly to your requirements.

Stand To Deliver

The high level of manoeuvrability of the Samsung Space Monitor is central to its impressive performance and helps to set it apart from the competition. The functional design of this monitor will make it a highly attractive choice for anyone working in the creative industries and the Zero Height Adjustable Stand feature provides the ultimate versatility for any type of viewing preference.

This space saving monitor will be released shortly and for those seeking a more streamlined workspace in 2019, it will be somewhat of a godsend. The minimalistic design of the Space Monitor from Samsung is visually appealing and the fact it also provides first class performance just adds to its allure still further and we’ll definitely be looking to get our hands on one of these here