Rocketbook Everlast Mini
Rocketbook Everlast Mini

Rocketbook launches endlessly reusable smart notebook that fits in your pocket

The way you take notes is about to change, in a SMALL way! Today Rocketbookannounced the launch of the Rocketbook Everlast Mini, an endlessly reusable, cloud-connected, pocket sized notebook from the future! The Everlast Mini fits in your pocket and is perfect for to-do lists, quick reminders, shopping lists, brilliant ideas, and everything else you jot down on-the-go! Available in four colours (black, navy, teal or red) and priced at just £15.99, the Rocketbook Everlast Mini is the perfect stocking filler this Christmas.

Offering the same capabilities as the original notebook, but in a smaller package, the Everlast Mini puts a high-tech spin on notetaking. Not only can users jot down handwritten notes, ideas, quick reminders, or shopping/to-do lists on-the-go, they can then digitise and send them to the cloud using a smartphone and the accompanying Rocketbook app. When all 24 pages of the notebook are full, the ink can then be quickly erased from the pages with a damp cloth enabling the environmentally-friendly Everlast Mini to be used over and over again.

Storing notes is easy. As with all Rocketbook notebooks, the new Everlast Mini uses patent-pending image capture technology to accurately send notes to pre-configured cloud services. Each page of the Rocketbook Mini features a special QR code which contains metadata about the page. This triggers special functionality when combined with the free Rocketbook app. Within the app, users will see seven symbols which are the magic “buttons” behind quick and easy cloud organisation. Each icon can be assigned to a destination of choice, for example, a folder inside Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, Box, Slack or an email address. When an icon is selected, the Rocketbook app automatically files notes in the right place.

The Rocketbook Everlast Mini notebook should be used with pens from the Pilot Frixion line which are available in a range of colours. Frixion pen ink completely dries and bonds to the page in about 10 seconds. After that, writing won’t budge at all without moisture. One Frixion pen is included with each Everlast Mini purchase.


The Rocketbook Everlast Mini is available now in a range of colours (black, navy, teal or red) from or priced at £15.99.