We’re in little doubt that there will be more and more brands throwing their hat into the electric car ring over the next few years as they increasingly become the vehicle of choice for most consumers. Well, there are few making as many waves in this industry as Rivian and their rather extraordinary looking R1S Electric SUV. It’s made for big adventures and is one of the most all-adventure electric cars to ever have hit the market to date.

With prices starting at a mighty reasonable $72k, the Rivian R1S Electric SUV has a very impressive range of some 400+ miles which is more than enough to drive from New York to Boston (and back again). It offers an electrifying performance with zero emissions and can go from 0-60MPH in just 3 seconds which is right up there with the best of them and showcases the performance prowess of this electric SUV from Rivian.

Technologically Superior

It is clear that the Rivian R1S Electric SUV is heralding in the next generation of electric vehicles and boasts plenty of amazing features that help delivers its fantastic performance prowess. This includes the quad motor system which helps ensure superior control for both on and off road adventures. It can deliver a wading depth of over 3ft which means it can take your on adventures that other electric vehicles simply aren’t capable of.

The Rivian R1S Electric SUV ($72k) offers a mighty 750HP which definitely makes this one of the most powerful electric vehicles on the market. Whether you’re traveling across your local city or winding your way across backcountry tracks, the active chassis of the R1S adapts to any terrain seamlessly, welcoming every twist and turn. The energy-dense battery pack distributes weight evenly between the wheels, which anchors the vehicle to the ground at speed and around corners.

It is abundantly clear that the design team at Rivian have gone to great lengths to make sure that the R1S Electric SUV is the most versatile and adventure ready electric vehicle out there. It has an extra row of seating that folds flat to help maximise storage. It has over 11 cubic feet of lockable storage at the front of the vehicle to keep your stuff safe, secure and protected from the elements. The crossbar system expands and collapses effortlessly so you can mount gear on the roof quickly and be on your way in no time.

Distinctive Aesthetic

Rivian are proud to offer a different and striking aesthetic for their R1S Electric SUV which has bold proportions and a distinct expression. Rivian designed their vehicles to be as memorable as the places they’ll take you and this SUV can take you just about anywhere you can think of. Boasting iconic, stadium-shaped headlights which use less power and cast a wide beam for better visibility, the performance of the R1S really is second to none.

For the interior of the R1S, Rivian have bought the essence of the great outdoors inside, and combined sustainably sourced wood with colours and textures which take their inspiration from nature. In the places where adventure tends to leave a mark, Rivian have used premium, utilitarian materials that invite rugged, daily use. Priced at $72k, it’s obviously a bit of an investment but definitely one worth making in our opinion here