Quench Sea – Now On Indiegogo
Quench Sea – Now On Indiegogo

New emergency device turns seawater into fresh drinking water

A groundbreaking £47, portable, handheld device that instantly turns seawater into fresh drinking water – and weighs less than a bag of sugar – is now available to pre-order from Indiegogo.  The device, which has been described as “a profoundly significant invention” by the head of a leading water aid charity, has the ability to make a huge difference – at scale, in a humanitarian crisis.

London based Quench Sea is the world’s only low-cost portable seawater desalination device. It’s capable of making up to two litres of palatable water per hour, all through a manual handle-powered unit that fits into a small bag.


It provides an affordable, convenient and safe alternative to boiling seawater in an emergency situation. Users simply pump it for as long as they need, in order to provide the volume of clean water they want. You can watch how it works here and an independent verification video here.


For the next 30 days, it can be purchased from Indiegogo at the reduced price of £25 (rather than the full retail cost of £54.96) with delivery expected in February 2021.

As well as for humanitarian use, Quench Sea is also the ideal companion for outdoor enthusiasts – from sailors to campers and survivalists to travellers. The product is hard wearing and reusable, with only the filters needing to be replaced (time period varies due to usage) – this will cost around £7.85.

Every Quench Sea order will also help to save the lives of others across the world in one of two ways. Each full price purchase will see the company provide one additional device for use by humanitarian clean water partners, as part of its ambitious vision to solve the global water crisis. Those who don’t need one personally can also choose to donate £25 on Indiegogo towards the cost of a single device and the company will pass this device onto its partners.

Lee King, CEO of London-based start-up Hydro Wind Energy, the company behind Quench Sea, said: “This is a groundbreaking product that has taken more than a year to develop. We started out trying to make a low-cost device that could help solve the world’s water crisis but soon realised its weight, dimensions and price-point made it ideal for the adventurer market.

“That is why we have combined both routes to ensure a positive humanitarian outcome. Two thirds of the global population live in water scarce areas and seven million die each year from water related diseases. We hope this product launch can go some way to solving that. It is our mission to donate 100m of the Quench Sea units by 2027.”

Sunil Lavani, CEO of Project Maji – one humanitarian partner benefiting from the donations of Quench Sea devices, added:

“This is a profoundly significant invention. For the first time in history, an accessibly priced device is available to turn seawater into fresh water instantly.”

With two thirds of the world’s population living in areas plagued by water scarcity and more than two billion people without access to clean water, the company hopes its device donations can go some way to easing this humanitarian crisis. Currently, it is a huge and expensive logistical challenge that involves shipping and distributing millions of bottles of water and even then, efforts can fail to meet demand as more than seven million people die from water-related disease each year.

The Indigegogo campaign is phase one of the company’s mission to donate 100 million units for humanitarian efforts by 2027. To reach the economies of scale needed to ramp up production and make a significant dent in the water crisis, the company has ambitions to sell one million full-price units during this first 30-day pre-order phase. However, it only needs to raise $50,000 to begin full production.


Quench Sea is open now for pre-orders in one of two ways through crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. You can watch how it works here.