Quench & Calm Mother’s Day Mini Guide
Quench & Calm Mother’s Day Mini Guide

Find a few selections below for the modern Mum from drinks to wellness

There’s something for everyone this Mother’s Day with Beavertown

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Lazer Crush Alcohol-Free Beer Bundle (Available here)

RRP: £16

The perfect gift for someone who loves beer and loves it alcohol-free. Lazer Crush is heavyweight in flavour & featherweight ABV. Perfectly served in the matching glassware

Contains: 6 x Lazer Crush, and 1 x Lazer Crush Pint Glass 

Core Craft Beer Bumper Bundle (Available here)

RRP: £35

Be immersed in our beer classics with one sweet bit of merchandise, our bestselling Beavertown beer pint glass! 

Contains: 3 x Neck Oil Session IPA, 3 x Gamma Ray, 3 x Nanobot, 3 x Lupuloid, 3 x Bloody ‘Ell and Psychedelic Pint Glass

Craft Beer Giant Bundle(Available here)

RRP: £100

A smashing gift for someone who loves all things branded Beavertown. A selection of some zingy hops from our core and bestselling craft beers and matching graphic tumbler beer glasses, with some extra sweet bits of merchandise. 

Contains: 6 x Neck Oil Session IPA, 6 x Gamma Ray, 6 x Nanobot, 6 x Lupuloid, 6 x Bloody ‘Ell, 1 x Neck Oil Tumbler, 1 x Gamma-Ray Tumbler, 1 x Nanobot Tumbler, 1 x Lupuloid Tumbler, 1 x Bloody ‘Ell Tumbler, 1 x Beavertown Logo Beanie, Tote Bag, Skull Pin, 1 x Beavertown Skills Socks in Black


Celebrate Mother’s Day the right way with Kopparberg’s array of tasty tipples 

Treat gin lovers this Mother’s Day to the ultimate fruit-flavoured drinks to add to their drinks cabinet. As well as their much-loved cider, Kopparberg now boasts four flavoured gins, set to delight any mum on her special day: Passionfruit & Orange, Strawberry & Lime and Mixed Fruit. For cider enthusiasts, Kopparberg’s Cherry Cider is sure to keep the celebrations going. The ultimate tasty treat to take drinkers from daytime to evening with its sweet cherry flavour and hints of apple, it is the ideal drink to share with a loved one. Keep the excitement going and pop a bottle of Kopparberg’s Rose Cider, its vibrant fruity flavours making the perfect accompaniment to a home-cooked meal.   

Passionfruit & Orange, Mixed Fruit and Strawberry & Lime Gin 

●     Kopparberg Passionfruit & Orange, Mixed Fruit and Strawberry & Lime gin are available for £20 for a 70cl bottle at Asda stores.

●        ABV of Kopparberg gin is 37.5%

Cherry Cider

●        Kopparberg Cherry cider is available for £2.20 per can at Tesco stores. 

●        ABV of Kopparberg Cherry cider not more than 4.0%

Rose Cider

●        Kopparberg Rose cider is available for £2.20 per can at Sainsbury’s stores. 

●        ABV of Kopparberg Rose cider not more than 4.0%


Introducing Lab Tonica

Lab Tonica is a contemporary new range of hand-blended botanicals, designed for everyday wellness. Devised, created and launched during the pandemic, Lab Tonica’s inaugural range of products include teas, balms and ‘sleep-mists’.

Aiming to challenge the dusty old stereotypes of herbalism by balancing cutting edge packaging design with all-natural ingredients and methods. Lab Tonica features five carefully curated collections: Unplugged, Breathe, POW, Fend and Saucy.

Created for those who value wellness and self-care, the products are the perfect gift for Mother’s Day or anyone in need of a boost – who wouldn’t want a cup of calming Breathe or a spritz of soothing Unplugged before bed?

All Lab Tonica products are hand-blended and sustainably produced, with even the tea bags and inner bags made from plants and compostable. All ingredients come from SALSA and soil association accredited suppliers.

Says founder Kitty McEntee “Lab Tonica takes herbal products out of the cupboard and onto the cosmetics shelf. As an avid herbal tea drinker, I always noted how twee and old fashioned the widely available products seemed – especially considering the rising prevalence of health and wellbeing within younger generations. Lab Tonica harnesses the magic of nature and century-old methods of herbalism, but repackages them for a contemporary eye. We want to bring the power of herbal botanicals to a younger demographic – who need it now more than ever.”

The FIVE Collections are: 1) Unplugged  – the sleep collection. 2) Breathe – the calm collection. 3) POW – the energy collection. 4) Fend – the immunity collection. 5) Saucy – the libido collection


Skincare Brand That Heals Your Spirit

A new arrival on the UK’s natural beauty scene, Timeless Elixir Facial Serum by Peace&Pure turns your everyday skincare routine into a ritual of self-care and boosts not only your complexion, but also your emotional wellbeing. 

Timeless Elixir Facial Serum has been developed to nourish the skin, the mind and the spirit, allowing your inner beauty to shine.

Peace & Pure creators understand the deep connection between emotional wellbeing and beautiful, glowing skin. Everyday stresses and strains can quickly build up and show in the form of a tired, dull or irritable-looking complexion. Their flagship product, Timeless Elixir Facial Serum, has been designed to minimise the impact of stress on our skin whilst also improving your overall wellbeing.