Queen of Hoxton Winter Rooftop – Emerald City
Queen of Hoxton Winter Rooftop – Emerald City

This winter escape with Hoxton Winter Rooftop to a glittering Emerald realm where nothing is quite what it seems and even the beer runs green... but one thing’s for sure, you’re not in Kansas anymore.

From October 24th, Queen of Hoxton’s Shoreditch rooftop will be going green. Climb the yellow brick road up to our cosy rooftop WigWam where you’ll find a bewitching green den. Feast on hearty Kansas style food before continuing along the golden path to our Emerald Garden. Here you’ll find fire pits to toast marshmallows around, and walls glistening with Emerald jewels, as well as a hidden bar serving up hot and cold green cocktail delights. As usual, we’ll have a series of immersive events to entertain, inspire and excite you through the long winter nights.

This Autumn/Winter we will be celebrating the season of the witch at Queen of Hoxton. Join our coven and enrol for witch academy classes. Learn Pxssy magic and how to cast spells, gather around our firepits with a mulled wine to hear feminist witch storytelling and shop for everything from sage smudging sticks to Yoni wands at our winter witchcraft market in the WigWam.  They’ll also be hosting green eco-events such as a big green clothes swap and pickling workshops to make Christmas gifts from kitchen scraps.


The Emerald Isle: Storytelling with Giles Abbott

Wednesday 30 October, 7-9pm

Ticket Link: https://queen-of-hoxton.eventcube.io/events/20831/the-emerald-isle-storytelling-with-giles-abbott

Glittering green hills, misty mountains and magical goings-on: Ireland has long captured the imagination of poets, storytellers and all who visit its sparkling shores. Huddle around the fire with award-winning storyteller Giles Abbott for a journey to the mystical Emerald Isle, all the while surrounded by the Queen of Hoxton’s very own land of Oz – The Emerald City.

Winter wigwam storytelling with Giles Abbott

Sunday 03 November, 5-7pm

Ticket Link: https://queen-of-hoxton.eventcube.io/events/20832/storytelling-with-giles-abbott

As the days darken and nights draw in, what better way to spend a chilly Sunday afternoon than eavesdropping on some classic storytelling under the cover of a witch’s wigwam? Grab a drink, put your feet up and join award-winning storyteller Giles Abbott on the rooftop for a story session not to be missed.


Make your own eco-friendly incense with Suhaiyla Shakuwra
Tuesday 19 November, 7-9pm
Ticket Link: https://queen-of-hoxton.eventcube.io/events/21250/make-your-own-eco-friendly-incense-with-suhaiyla-shakuwra
Learn how to create your own incense to attract love and abundance with healer, tarot priestess and jewellery designer Suhaiyla Shakuwra. In this workshop, Suhaiyla will teach you about where to find and forage for seasonal herbs in and around London. You will learn how to cut, bind and dry your own herbs and go home with your very own sustainable, eco-friendly incense sticks!


Wicked Witches? Storytelling with Giles Abbott

Wednesday 20th November, 7-9pm

Ticket Link:  https://queen-of-hoxton.eventcube.io/events/20830/wicked-witches-storytelling-with-giles-abbott

Forget hubble bubble toil and trouble, warts and broomsticks: these wicked witches are sassy, clever, and not to be messed with. From classic tales such as The Princess & The Swans to menstruating giantesses in Old Norse mythology, huddle around the Wicked Witch of the West’s house in our secret rooftop wigwam and enter the world of magic, cauldrons and witch craft with award-winning storyteller Giles Abbott



Secret Sunsets: The Emerald City Silent Disco

Tuesday 26 November, 7pm; 28 January; 19 February; 24 March

Tickets: https://queen-of-hoxton.eventcube.io/events/20851/secret-sunrise-the-emerald-city

Grab your greenest garments, follow the Yellow Brick Road and stumble into the magical realm of The Emerald City for a Secret Sunrise silent disco special and magical journey through the wonderful world of Oz. Dance under the night sky on top of East London’s coolest rooftop terrace. Be guided through this immersive dance experience and shake off the day. Secret Sunrise is inclusive to all, whether you are a scarecrow, lion or tin man, just come down but be ready to move your body and connect. “If we walk far enough,” says Dorothy, “we shall sometime come to someplace.” Participants encouraged to dress up in their greenest clothes, PLUS there will be a (biodegradable) green glitter station on hand to help bring the glimmering shimmering Emerald City to life!



Witch, Please! Rooftop witchCRAFT Market

Saturday 30 November, 12-6pm

Ticket Link: https://queen-of-hoxton.eventcube.io/events/21249/witch-please-day-time-witchcraft-market


A craft market with a witchy twist! Forage for some magical, seasonal gifts – from healing crystals and home-made incense to yoni wands, pxssy magic and empowerment spells, discover the weird and wonderful world of the modern witch. Live tarot reading and mulled wine will be on hand…

Sample Cocktails

Wicked Hot Chocolate Hot 

White Hot Chocolate, is heated with chocolate liqueur, Matcha powder then spiked with optional Cognac or Orange Liqueur 

Bad *itch Hot Chocolate Hot 

Dark hot chocolate is heated with chocolate liqueur, activated charcoal then spiked with optional Cognac or Orange Liqueur 

Hot Buttered Rum Hot 

Classic Hot Buttered rum, mulled with cinnamon, peppercorns, butter, then blended with spiced rum and fudge. 

Mulled Berry Wine Hot 

Mulled wine is given the bramble cocktail facelift, made with fresh berries and spiked with optional sloe or strawberry gin. 

Green Lady Cold  

Egg White, Gin, Lemon, Orange Liqueur 

Emerald Bellini Cold  

Vodka, Passionfruit, Orange, Prosecco with salted caramel and popping candy rim 

Sample Food Menu

Green Witch Veggie Burger With Black Bun
Black Charcoal Bun, Green Veggie Patty, Vegan Cheese, Vegan Mayo, Emerald Coriander Salsa

Kansas Beef Pot Roast
Beef Pot Roast with Collard Greens and Cornbread

Munchkin Pumpkin Pot Roast
Munchkin Pumpkin, Okra & Vegetable Pot Roast with Collard Greens & Corn Bread