Protect Your Tech From 99.99% Of Germs
Protect Your Tech From 99.99% Of Germs

lass Elite VisionGuard+ with anti-microbial technology promotes digital wellness by eliminating 99.99 percent of harmful bacteria on the device screen.

The anti-microbial properties are infused in the glass, so they won’t wear away over time. Glass Elite VisionGuard+ also features Eyesafe® technology to safeguard eyes against the harmful effects of exposure to high-energy visible (HEV) blue light. These features, combined with InvisibleShield’s strongest screen protection technology to date which features ClearPrint™ technology that disperses oil from fingerprints, make Glass Elite VisionGuard+ a quadruple threat.

“Our smartphones are such a crucial fixture in our daily lives, but heightened use doesn’t come without risk,” said Brad Bell, senior vice president, global marketing for ZAGG Brands. “Glass Elite VisionGuard+ with anti-microbial technology not only helps protect users’ screens from bacteria and germs that accumulate on our phones over time, but also protects user’s from HEV blue light. We’re incredibly proud to continue our quest of infusing the category with digital wellness solutions while still delivering our strongest protection from drops, dings and scratches.”

Glass Elite VisionGuard+ features InvisibleShield’s VisionGuard blue light filtration technology. Using a protective Eyesafe technology layer, the screen protector filters out harmful HEV blue light emissions while still preserving the true colors of the device screen. HEV blue light is a known contributor to digital eye strain, sleep disruption and blurred vision.

InvisibleShield’s latest offering also comes equipped with Glass Elite’s unbeatable heritage of extreme shatter protection, featuring tempered glass that is 4X stronger2 than traditional glass screen protectors. Glass Elite VisionGuard+ features reinforced edges, is engineered to prevent chipping, and offers a streamlined, beveled feel when handling the device. Exclusive to InvisibleShield Glass Elite, ClearPrint technology3 offers a revolutionary oil-dispersing treatment to break up fingerprint oil, allowing light to pass through, making fingerprints and smudges virtually invisible to the eye.