When you think of instant cameras, it goes without saying that Polaroid are invariably one of the first names that come to mind and they’ve just released a mighty impressive, not to mention pleasingly affordable, offering in the shape of the Polaroid Now Instant Camera. This first class device retails at a wallet friendly $99 and is chock full of great features with its sub-$100 price tag.

Designed to catch life as you live it, the Polaroid Now Instant Camera ($99) now comes with autofocus to make sure that it’s always ready when you are. You can catch all of life’s adventures as they happen with the ease of autofocus. All you need to do is point, shoot, and let the camera choose the lens to give you sharper Polaroid portraits in more places, more often — both with or without the flash.

First Class Photos

Polaroid are synonymous with quality and this is a characteristic that shines through with their wonderfully retro looking Now Instant Camera. This classy camera lets you blend light, nature, and personalities into the one photograph effortlessly to create timeless memories that you can keep forever. The built-in double exposure feature is capable of capturing two perspectives in the one Polaroid photograph to deliver a moment your eyes have never seen before.

The Polaroid Now Instant Camera ($99) comes in a number of different colourways ranging from the understated to the vibrant so you’re sure to find one that tallies successfully with your style sensibilities. One of the best features of this new instant camera from Polaroid is the self-timer function which lets you put yourself, the people, and the place all in a single frame. Showcase your talents or immortalise that feeling in a physical moment that keeps you all together.

Another great feature of the Polaroid Now Instant Camera is the quality of its flash which lets you see every quirk of the ones you adore with the Accurate Flash technology that it has to offer. This flash projects the ideal amount of light onto your subject to make sure everyone look like they should: namely, human.

Point & Shoot Functionality

Capturing your favourite moments couldn’t be simpler than with this top notch bit of kit from Polaroid. Point, shoot, and keep: it’s just that straightforward with the Polaroid Now. This new release from Polaroid is an evolution of the original Polaroid OneStep cameras from the ‘70s that made photography effortless for everyone.

Priced at a thoroughly reasonable $99, the Polaroid Now takes that simplicity we know and love from the brand and provides enhanced creative control, understated design, and vibrant colours to make it more than a moment maker — but a life accessory. Grab yours today and start making your own memories.