Patrón Tequila Introduces Cocktails with a Conscience at The Conduit
Patrón Tequila Introduces Cocktails with a Conscience at The Conduit

This Earth Day, Patrón invites consumers to Cocktails with a Conscience, on 24th April at 7 pm at The Conduit, the newest Mayfair venue which is a home for a diverse community passionate about driving positive social change.

The ticketed event takes place on the venue’s fifth floor which will be the backdrop to an exclusive sustainable cocktail masterclass followed by an equally sustainable three-course dinner paired with Patrón drinks featuring leftovers from the preparation of each dish.

Created exclusively for the evening by The Conduit’s bar operations manager, award-winning mixologist Walter Pintus, and head bartender Cameron Moncaster, the cocktails will offer great inspiration for those consumers who enjoy experimenting in the kitchen with a touch of ethos. From producing a flavoursome saline coffee infusion of blended coffee grounds with salt and water to creating a blood orange sherbet from leftover squeezed oranges and peels, the evening will showcase how to transform leftovers into beautiful ingredients to mix with Patrón.

Partnering with the likeminded Conduit members’ club, Patrón is encouraging consumers to think consciously about the cocktails and dishes they love. Designed by The Conduit’s executive chef Merlin Labron-Johnson, all the dishes presented on the night reflect the seasonal change over with ingredients sourced from a breadth of small-scale farmers, fishermen, and specialist producers predominantly located in the British Isles.

As consumers are increasingly mindful about the sustainability credentials of the products they consume, from fashion to tech and food, brands are being scrutinised for their responsibility towards the community and the environment. In the spirits industry, Patrón has been a best practice example since its inception, implementing outstanding measures to limit the environmental impact of its tequila production. From the field to the cocktail, Patrón extends its sustainability efforts to demonstrate to consumers, encouraging them to make Cocktails with a Conscience, in bars or at home.

Lee Applbaum, Global Chief Marketing Officer of Patrón Spirits, commented:

“Sustainability has been at the heart of Patrón since our inception, we believe in doing business the right way and limiting the environmental impact of our tequila production. To showcase this for Earth Day, we’ve partnered with The Conduit in Mayfair. The event that we’ve created with them features a sustainable cocktail masterclass followed by an equally sustainable three-course dinner. Each course is paired with bespoke Patrón cocktail, showcasing the versatility of the liquid, featuring leftovers from the preparation of each dish.”

Patrón’s Cocktails with a Conscience event will take place on 24th April at The Conduit. In addition, Patron is partnering with several top end bars across Europe to showcase the importance of their sustainable practices in our industry.

Patrón’s Cocktails with a Conscience

Wednesday 24th April 7-10,30pm

The Conduit, 5th floor, 40 Conduit St, Mayfair, London W1S 2YQ

Tickets are priced at £55 each (includes welcome drink and canapés, cocktail masterclass, three-course dinner and paired cocktails)


Patrón’s Cocktails with a Conscience Food & Drinks:

Patrón Salt of the Earth

Masterclass cocktail, paired with canapés: pickled shitake mushrooms with soy and ginger, Berkeswell and black olive biscuits with tomato jam, bruschetta of roasted vegetables, walnut and garlic


20ml Patrón Añejo

5 dashes coffee grounds solution*

40ml Amontillado Sherry

2 dashes orange blossom

10ml Agave water

Method: stir and serve over a cube of ice in a coupette glass.

*Coffee ground solution: blend salt with leftover coffee grounds and vanilla pods, put in a jar and leave 24h to infuse. Add 20% boiling water to dissolve salt, filter and you will obtain the saline coffee solution.


Patrón Orangerie

Paired with starter dish: Crudo of white fish, blood orange vinaigrette, yoghurt and tardive radicchio



30ml Patrón Silver

30ml Blood orange peels sherbet*

20ml Fino Sherry

10ml Saffron syrup

Method: Shake all ingredients and serve in a chilled flute.

*Blood orange peels sherbet: Infuse blood orange peels and squeezed orange juice leftovers with sugar for 24h. Add water and the liquid and filter the product to obtain this sweet and sour sherbet.


Patrón Earth Apple

Paired with main dish: Hake, Swiss chard, Jerusalem artichoke



20ml Patrón Silver

45ml Jerusalem artichoke skins infused Vermouth*

10ml Bitter Bianco

10ml of milk whey*

Method: stir and serve over an ice chunk in an old-fashioned glass.

* Leftover Jerusalem artichokes skins are added to Martini Ambrato for 5h to infuse the vermouth. Heated milk left unused for cappuccinos is heated up again, vinegar is added to separate lactose and the remaining liquid used to convey roundness and acidity to the cocktail.


Patrón Fruit of the Earth

Paired with the dessert: strawberries, lemon verbena & lime


35ml Patrón Silver

20ml Yorkshire rhubarb & Lime zest cordial*

60ml Lemon Verbena stems soda

10ml Lime juice

Method: Shake all ingredients and top up with lemon verbena stems soda, serve in a chilled Nick & Nora glass.

* Lime zest leftovers from the dessert are added to infuse the Yorkshire rhubarb cordial. The verbena stems soda in crafted in house, from the verbena stems leftovers of the dessert which are added to infuse CO2-charged water.



Cub, cost included in the set menu

“In a nod to World Earth Day, we’re uniting Patrón Añejo with some mad UK produce. This drink highlights the diversity of the soil and how that can massively impact flavour. Cub and Patrón both recognise that the right choices can make a huge difference. To put it simply, we can talk about recycling waste, but it’s equally as important to be shoring up local businesses and providing all the love for the families around you. We’re super pleased to be collab’ing with a company that has a commitment to preserve this incredible planet and are proactive in doing so.” Ryan Chetiyawardana (Mr Lyan)


  • 15ml Patrón Añejo
  • 15ml Islay Barley Pu’er
  • 12ml Celery Citrus
  • 2ml Mixed Acid
  • 10ml Soda

+ Micro Basil for garnish