Speakers are, of course, designed principally to deliver a compelling audio performance but, let’s face it, it certainly doesn’t hurt if they happen to look awesome as well and, we’re pretty sure, you’re just not going to find a pair of speakers quite as glorious from an aesthetic point of view as these OMA Ironic Speakers. Boasting a truly extraordinary design, these jaw dropping speakers from OMA are a speaker without precedent and boast an industrial design from David D’Imperio.

OMA are masters of creating speakers that dare to be different from a design perspective and never has this been more true than with the mind-bogglingly brilliant Ironic Speakers which have left our jaws on the floor. The OMA Ironic speaker is an open baffle type, cast from a special kind of iron, with no enclosure and the visual impact it delivers to any room in which it is placed is entirely without equal.

Out Of This World Design

Almost alien aesthetically, this mind blowing Ironic Speaker from OMA will not come cheap (as you might expect) but from a sheer visual point of view, it’s difficult to beat. The hypo eutectic gray iron (high graphite content) which has been used in the crafting of this speaker is employed in high technology applications such as photolithography machines for silicon chip production, where resonance or vibration must be reduced to an absolute minimum. This ensures that it doesn’t just look amazing, it sounds amazing too.

The OMA Ironic Speaker is without doubt one of the most unusual looking pieces of audio apparatus that you’re ever likely to encounter and all the more impressive and alluring because of it. The complex form of the speaker derives from quadratic diffusers which are universally used in studio and broadcast applications. The unique form of the Ironic Speaker is impossible to cast using traditional pattern making methods so the moulds are 3D printed in sand, and every mould is consumed / destroyed in the casting process.

Every single Ironic Speaker from OMA requires a new, 3D printed mould to be made. This is an extremely expensive process and the special combination of transducers used in the Ironic- a 15″ electrodynamic or field coil woofer used in Juke Boxes from the 1930’s, of which they have 20 restored examples, and the bleeding edge custom ribbon tweeter, which is 110db at 10khz, 1m, combine to make an open baffle speaker of unprecedented efficiency, at least 104db across the majority of its passband.

Extremely Limited in Nature

Needless to say given the work that goes into the creation of each Iconic Speaker, they are extremely limited in nature and OMA will only be producing 10 pairs of these speakers so you’ll need to move quickly (and have incredibly deep pockets) in order to make this your next source of acoustic pleasure. With a height of 52″ these are considerably larger than your average speaker and they deliver an unparalleled visual impact in the home.

OMA are the go to brand for anyone seeking out of the ordinary speakers but they’ve positively excelled themselves with the Ironic Speakers. These breathtaking pieces of acoustic awesomeness are unlike anything we’ve seen and the painstaking process that goes into their creation ensures that they are worth every penny.