Netgem SoundBox HD
Netgem SoundBox HD

A soundbar, Freeview Play streamer and a set-top box all in one

One issue with Amazon Fire, the Nvidia Shield or similar devices is the lack of access to over the air broadcasts, and in some cases such as the Shield, all the catch-up channels. This is why Freeview Play boxes are still around and Netgem appears to have one of the better options on the market.

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Netgem has recognised a need to declutter living spaces, especially if you live in a city, they realise most don;t have room for optical cables, HDMI cables and 4 boxes cluttering the room.  By combining an audio speaker and entertainment streaming box in one unit and addition of an Alexa supported voice control system aids minimalist design by reducing cables and excess accessories.

  • Freeview HD tuner.
  • On-demand and all catch-up streaming services from Freeview Play.
  • A dual-tweeter, dual-subwoofer soundbar aaaaand…
  • Amazon Alexa voice commands.
  • Number of boxes required: One

Netgem has delivered what modern British consumers demand, with the SoundBox HD delivering 70 Freeview channels. That includes the HD channels of all the main UK broadcasters, alongside all the Freeview Play catch-up programme feeds from the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, 5, and UKTV.

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This soundbar is intended to be placed on a flat surface in front of a TV rather than being clipped on or mounted. This allows the unit to be moved easily from room to room without any hassle.

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In addition, modern viewing habits are catered for with unique one-click streaming of on-demand content from the likes of Amazon Prime Video, Rakuten, Hopster and Hayu, with more on-demand and catch-up services to be rolled out over the coming months. You can also access streaming music services such as Amazon Prime Music.

Best of all they’re on sale!

NB HD: £49 – ends 31st Oct!
SB HD: £149 – ends 31st Oct!