NATRL hard seltzer
NATRL hard seltzer

The refreshingly positive drink you’ve been waiting for

NATRL is an independent British start-up whose three co-founders were fed up with the excessive sugar, waste and guilt drinkers were experiencing. As a result, they created NATRL hard seltzers, a collection of low calorie alcoholic sparkling waters that you can actually feel good about drinking.

The breakdown of NATRL’s hard seltzer is simple: filtered alcohol derived from sugar beet, sparkling water and a hint of natural fruit flavouring made from real fruit. NATRL drinks are low in sugar and calories, without compromising on the taste. Sold in easy to drink 250ml cans, with only 75 calories and 4% ABV, they are definitely a refreshingly positive choice. Plus, there are absolutely no additives or sweeteners in any of the drinks.  

Bursting onto the scene and full of flavour with a zingy Lemon & Lime and a summery Peach & Raspberry, they are naturally tasty, bubbly and only a little bit naughty.

Already proving a huge hit over in America and Canada, this low sugar, low-calorie alcoholic sparkling water is perfect for the calorie-conscious, sport enthusiasts and hangover haters. It’s also suitable for vegans and totally gluten free.

Matt Richardson, Co-Founder of NATRL states:

We’re all becoming more conscious about our health, whether it’s pushing ourselves towards a new fitness goal or just feeling as fresh as humanly possible. The RTD market is overwhelmed with high sugar, high calorie drinks that leave you feeling sluggish. NATRL aims to fill the gap for those who prioritise well-being, but still want a refreshing, flavourful alcoholic drink.”

Refreshingly tasty for you, refreshingly good for our planet

NATRL’s promise is to stand out from their competitors by underpinning a clear message of sustainability. Built from the ground up and proudly British, everything is produced in the UK. From their founders to their delivery drivers, everyone in the team does their bit to leave the world a better, greener place. All of their cans and boxes are infinitely recyclable and NATRL goes further by committing to give 5% of their profits to environmental charities.

Nick Johnson, Co-Founder of NATRL said:

“As a team of cyclists, runners and outdoor enthusiasts, we have a mutual ethos to make our company as environmentally friendly as possible. All our products are locally produced with minimal impact on their surroundings. Whilst the charities we work with share our sustainability promise, here in the UK, and across the globe”. 

You can buy NATRL hard seltzer online at Prices start at £24.95 for a case of 12x250ml cans, in either a single flavour or a variety pack.