myblu – blu
myblu – blu

Finally, a rival for the Juul pods now available in the UK.

The innovative e-vapour brand blu has expanded its portfolio with the launch of its latest next-generation ‘pod mod’ system, myblu, along with its new ‘Intense’ Liquidpods, both of which are available now, pretty much everywhere.

myblu combines a high-performance vaporiser, which takes just 20 minutes to charge, with the device’s hassle-free Liquidpods to allow consumers to switch between flavours in seconds via a simple one-step ‘click and go’ system.

“Intense” is basically a marketing term for nicotine salts, delivering nicotine into your bloodstream much quicker and is completely tasteless, allowing the flavours of the e-liquid to be much stronger. Thos of you used to freebase “normal” nicotine and not feeling satisfied, try the intense pods, they are brilliant.

myblu Intense Liquidpods are available in the following flavours:

  • Tobacco: Mimics the authentic, classic taste of rich, robust tobacco
  • Menthol: Notes of sweet spearmint and peppermint give this flavour a classically cool taste
  • Strawberry Mint: Blends sweet and minty elements with distinct notes of fruit
  • Blueberry: Crafted to deliver the fresh flavour of ripe, handpicked blueberries

We tried the Blueberry pods, and they taste like the real deal, not the overly sweet taste you’d expect. You can happily chain vape all day.

They, of course, sell a larger choice of flavours using freebase nicotine, however, I’d recommend the intense over these. Albeit, slightly more expenses per pod than Juul, they are almost twice the capacity of liquid.

Check out the entire selection here

The myblu system couldn’t be easier to use, if you’re used to Vype ePen 3 or Juul, it’s literally the same. Click on the pod and you’re good to go. When you’ve finished all the liquid, just pull it out.

Available online now, the myblu Starter Kit has an RRP of £19.99 and includes a myblu device, USB charger and one tobacco flavoured Liquidpod.

myblu Intense Liquidpods retail at £5.99 a pack of two 1.5ml Liquidpods and come in four flavours.

A selection of 11 freebase myblu Liquidpods are also on offer, including zero, 0.8% and 1.6% nicotine strengths, and are sold in packs of two pods with a RRP2 of £5.99.