Cameras today are exceptional apparatus but there is always room to enhance their performance a little with great additions like these brilliant looking Moment Variable ND Filters which will add a whole new level of awesomeness to the photos that you take. These classy filters from Moment really hit the sweet spot on affordability, functionality, and quality and will be an essential addition to any keen photographer’s line up of gear.

The Moment Variable ND Filters are available in a number of different iterations and the pricing starts at a mighty reasonable $159.99. Put simply, these Moment Variable ND filters are the secret sauce to controlling your exposure when taking photos. They are crafted from premium Schott B270 Pro Cinema Glass, which means these filters are crisp edge to edge without colour fringing or cross polarisation. The filter rings are precision machined from aerospace grade metal, delivering the robustness you’ll demand when shooting.

Unparalleled Performance

Keen photographers are sure to be impressed with the performance of these Moment Variable ND Filters which feature a unique flared geometry which is unlike anything else on the market, and lets you see your ND number from behind the viewfinder. This provides rapid, precise control over your shots in tricky lighting, without moving from behind the camera. These filters have been purpose built to shoot on the go and also feature hard stops at both ends of the range to prevent unwanted cross polarisation for the cleanest image possible.

Boasting plenty of impressive features, it’s not hard to see why photographers are snapping up these Moment Variable ND Filters in their droves. Some of the stand out features include advanced optical coatings for cinematic colour and rugged durability, compatibility with any standard centre pinch lens cap (like the one you already have for your camera lens), laser etched markings allow you to see your stop from behind the viewfinder and conical geometry acts as a micro lens hood, cutting unwanted glare and reflections.

Variable ND filters are basically like sunglasses for your camera lens. A Variable does the same thing but it lets you adjust the strength of the filter by rotating the filter ring. This way, instead of carrying around multiple filters for different lighting conditions, you can carry just one and adjust for the shot that you’re wanting to take. It’s the ideal way to perfectly expose your shot in any shooting scenario and they don’t come much better than these superb ones from the guys at Moment.

Unparalleled Control

It is the level of control that these Moment Variable ND Filters give you that really sets them apart from the competition. The unique geometry and laser etched graphics allow you to see which stop you’re shooting from behind the viewfinder. This allows for faster control and easy starting points for your shots in different lighting conditions. Fit for any adventure, the filter metal is machined from aerospace grade aluminium for lightweight performance and no-nonsense robustness.

For anyone who is serious about their photography that wants to enhance the quality of their shots, these Moment Variable ND Filters are going to be ticking all of the right boxes. They will work with standard camera lens thread sizes and they also work with the standard centre pinch lens caps you already have for your camera lens, unlike other options on the market.