Melitta Purista – Slim Automated Coffee Machine
Melitta Purista – Slim Automated Coffee Machine

Melitta Launches Purista – One of the World’s Narrowest Fully Automated Premium Coffee Machines

Coffee specialist, Melitta, known for their fully automated machines, have unleashed one of the worlds slimmest bean to sup machines. For those of you who have a pod machine, and are yet to experience at home coffee automation by Melitta. the difference in taste is vast. Every cup is bursting with the flavour of your chosen roast, rather than a subdued taste pods offer. 

With its slimline profile, the machine is ideal for London life and anyone whose space is a premium in their kitchen. It offers a ‘favourite coffee feature’ to save your preferred coffee strength and amount, as well as a ‘whisper quiet’ steel cone grinder with five grinder settings. 

A practical kitchen appliance that’s as convenient to use as it is attractive to look at, the Purista can help you make quality espresso-based drinks at home with the following innovative features:

  • A new pump feature designed to enable water to flow more slowly through the coffee and resulting in better coffee extraction; 

A new low-noise grinder enhancing for even grounds;
  • Time-saving Double Cup mode that allows you to make two identical drinks simultaneously; 

A drip tray made of plastic rather than stainless steel to prevent unsightly scratches;
  • Favourite Coffee Function for programming your preferred coffee strength (and amount) and keeping it stored in the memory function;
  • Companion App for 24-7 technical support at the touch of a button;
  • Effortless maintenance with the Service Function allowing for easy cleaning and descaling, filter change, and adjusting brewing temperature and water hardness settings.

Expect to achieve the best espresso from the innovative low-noise Purista® technology, including its new pump feature, designed to enable water to flow more slowly through the coffee, resulting in better coffee extraction, whilst the new grinder enhances the overall coffee-making experience. What’s more, the practical Double Cup mode is a real time-saver too, as it allows the preparation of two identical drinks simultaneously. Even the drip tray has been cleverly thought through – now made from plastic rather than stainless steel to prevent unsightly scratches. 

For those of you with the Melitta Caffeo Barista TS Smart, this would be classed as a stepdown in technology, purely due to the fact there’s no milk frother. Saying that you can buy an accompanying Cremio for next to nothing on Melitta’s website. 

Overall a great coffee machine, with the easiest functionality for all users to get a grasp of. With effortless maintenace, great looks and a great tasting espresso.

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