Melitta EPOS Review
Melitta EPOS Review

The ultimate in sophistication for the perfect at-home coffee experience

Celebrating the first-ever electric pour over system with an integrated grinder, the automated Melitta® EPOS® makes first-class fresh coffee, as if brewed by hand, at the push of a button.

The Melitta® EPOS® will take you through your now effortless journey of making the perfect cup of coffee. We start with pouring whole coffee beans into the hopper of the integrated grinder and selecting the grind we want to achieve and how many cups. While the grinder is working away and filling the filter paper holder, all you need to do is remove the water container and fill it up to the corresponding cup level.


The innovative brewing technology within Melitta® EPOS® has been approved by the European Coffee Brewing Centre. Only coffee makers which satisfy the highest European quality standards of coffee brewing are honoured with this label. Criteria include the perfect brewing temperature and time, among others. The highest coffee quality, signed and sealed, so to speak. Oh, yes: because we believe in it, we offer an extended manufacturer’s warranty of 3 years with the Melitta® EPOS®.

Championing form, function and flavour, the electric pour over system features an open filter, allowing you to experience the brewing process with all your senses. The water spout rotates 360° and changes direction and water flow depending on the brewing profile. In this way, the coffee is optimally and quickly dampened as if by hand. What’s more, the pre-brew function gives the coffee time for ideal blooming, so its full-bodied aroma can develop in the best possible way.

Highlights Include:

  • Integrated coffee grinder
  • Removable Filter holder
  • Removable water tank
  • Touch panel
  • Pre-brew function
  • Super stylish
  • Amazing aroma

In the box you get the machine, of-course, plus all the associated attachments, an envelope with 10 filters in and instructions. You also receive a free bag of beans which is a great added benefit to get you immediately started on your at-home coffee making experience.  

Melitta® EPOS®: the first electric Pour Over system | Melitta®

The simple touch panel enables you to customise your Pour Over preference with ease. Whether it’s the number of cups, the strength of the coffee or the pre-brew function – just select how you’d like to enjoy your ideal coffee. It even lets you know when it’s time to descale. What’s more, the built-in hotplate allows the freshly brewed coffee to stay warm for up to 40 minutes. 

Combining manual pouring with innovative technology and modern design, this beautiful and intelligent machine interprets traditional by-hand filtration in a simplistic new way. 

Melitta® EPOS®: the first electric Pour Over system | Melitta®

To guarantee the quality taste of your Pour Over coffee, Melitta’s® unique paper structure, with its looser weave fibres, has been designed specifically for EPOS filter holders. This particularly permeable paper structure allows for an even filtration and shorter brew time. Slow pouring provides a strong cup of coffee, whereas faster pouring results in a milder cup – allowing you to be in control of your preferred pour when brewing automatically.

We’ve been huge fans of Melitta machines for some years now, especially their Barista TS Smart which is another excellent at-home machine. The EPOS however, is certainly the most stylish and luxurious machine, a pleasure on for the eye. 

The Melitta® EPOS® is available via

(Order before Monday 14th for Xmas delivery)