One of the coolest we’ve seen of late is the Marsback Mechanical Keyboard which is funding over on Kickstarter right now.

The Marsback Mechanical Keyboard is, in fact, just 75% mechanical and offers limitless high-performance customisation which combines 16.8M RGB lights for your gaming, visual and tactile enjoyment. Available for the bargain price of $165 during the Kickstarter campaign, which is some $140 off the final retail price, make sure you make your move quickly if you like what you see as time is running out on this Kickstarter.

Visually Vibrant Aesthetic

Mechanical is a matter of feel, if you’re a gamer or someone who does a lot of typing, chances are you’ll enjoy the precise action and audible confirmation that comes from every keystroke. The Marsback is an 84-key full-sized mechanical keyboard which has been purpose built to allow everyone to take advantage of the super tactile experience. 

The Marsback Mechanical Keyboard (from $165) is made with gamers in mind first and foremost but if you’re just looking for some tech accessories to brighten up your workspace, it will tick these boxes as well. It has a CNC’d Polycarbonate base which provides a wonderful aesthetic and lack of tooling costs. Each keyboard is engraved, assembled, and finished by hand, and offers a translucent opaline Polycarbonate top with visually superior beveled edges.

With surface-mounted RGB backlight LEDs you’ll get the engaging light effect all way round the Marsback Mechanical Keyboard, giving you a spectacular light-show while you’re typing or gaming. For mechanical keyboards, switches are the most pivotal element of the entire keyboard. So as to offer better control the keystrokes and bounce sound, Marsback designed its own switch, light and short on touch which sets this apart from the competition.

Customisable Design

The Marsback switch is also HOT-SWAPPABLE, which means you can change any other switch by clicking it into place and pull them out without ever needing to touch a soldering gun. The effortlessness of the installation and removal is one of the big benefits you’re sure to appreciate with the brilliant looking Marsback Mechanical Keyboard on Kickstarter.

Each Marsback M1 mechanical keyboard comes along with 3 versions of keycaps so you can switch things up when the mood takes you. These versions are compatible with Marsback and most mechanical keyboards which you can replace your own keycaps to use. Want to shake up your workspace aesthetic this spring? Head on over to Kickstarter now.