Manchester Gin
Manchester Gin

Toast to the perfect summer with signature cocktails.

With summer just around the corner, this year there’s more than just sunshine to look forward to. Manchester Gin have released four delicious new cocktails reimagining the classic Collins. As we all gear up for months of BBQ’s, beaches and rooftop bars, there’s only one decision to make, which Collins will it be?

Contemporary in style and created using hand-foraged local ingredients, Manchester Gin was born from humble beginnings in 2016. The product of a love story – a classic tale of ‘boy meets girl’ – Jen and Seb created the first bottles of Manchester Gin in the dining room of their house, and their portfolio of gins have gone from strength to strength ever since; their popularity spreading from Manchester around the world.

Distilled in central Manchester, the gin is expertly distilled in small batches – their three stills together make only 500 bottles a run, the real essence of small batch. Every bottle is handcrafted to their distinctive design and they currently produce four flavours, as well as limited edition seasonal variations.

Tasting notes:

The award-winning Signature Gin is beautifully smooth with round citrus notes and a classic juniper undertone that produces a sweet, creamy finish. Inspired by ingredients native to Manchester, it contains twelve specially sourced botanical flavourings, including dandelion, burdock root, liquorice, ground almond, orange and lemon.

The Manchester Raspberry Infused Gin is an Instagram favourite. Delicately infused with the soft red fruit, the flavour is subtle yet sweet, and the gentle tone of raspberry reinforces the classic gin character. With its slight floral tone, it makes a beautiful addition to any gin collection.

The Manchester Wild Spirit Gin is a creamy, savoury gin with complex herbaceous notes that were inspired by walks through the woodlands of Manchester. Sage, Thyme, Orris, Lemon Balm and Silver Birch provide a fresh and floral nose, with aromatic juniper and spice leading to a classic crisp finish.

Vibrant, delicious, and with a navy strength of 57%, the Manchester Overboard Gin has a vivid juniper and pine nose that is met with light citrus notes. The smooth liquorice blends beautifully into a burst of lemon and orange, and the gin has a surprisingly sweet finish with a hint of warming spice.

Want to make your own Collins cocktail? Have a look at the recipes below! 

John Collins
R – Signature Gin 25ml, Rinquinquin Peach Vermouth 25ml, Apricot Merlet 10ml, fresh lemon 25ml, soda 80ml
M – Build
G – Gin Soaked Apricots

Tom Collins
R – Raspberry Infused Gin 25ml, Pear Merlet 25ml, fresh lemon 25ml, gomme 15ml, soda 75ml
M – Build
G – Lemon twist, raspberries

Phil Collins
R – Wild Spirit Gin 35ml, Suze aperitivo 15ml, cloudy apple 30ml, soda 85ml
M – Build
G – Dehydrated apple

Joan Collins
R – Overboard Navy Strength Gin 20ml, Cocchi Blanco White Vermouth 20ml, Triple Sec 20ml, fresh lemon 20ml, gomme 10ml, soda 75ml, Absinthe spritz
M – Build
G – Absinthe spritz, lemon twist

Product details and stockists: Manchester Gin Signature, RRP £36 Manchester Gin Overboard, RRP £45 Manchester Gin Wild Spirit, RRP £36 Manchester Gin Raspberry Infused, RRP £38 Manchester Gin Jeroboam, RRP £375

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