Lunar 1969 watch by Col&MacArthur
Lunar 1969 watch by Col&MacArthur

This Christmas, experience the gift of ‘time travel’ with an exquisite commemorative men’s lunar inspired watch, by Belgian brand Col&MacArthur, to mark 50 years since man first set foot on the moon during the Apollo 11 mission.

To make this Christmas gift even more out of this world, Col&MacArthur is also offering to launch the watch into the stratosphere before it is received. It will come into direct contact with an environment of -60° C and with a pressure close to 0. The watch will then be recovered by a company that specializes in the field, and delivered to the acquirer’s doorstep in mint condition, together with a certificate authenticating the altitude of the flight.

Col&MacArthur will provide a document certifying the take-off and the height of the flight which will be sent with the box. Finally, the text “SENT INTO NEAR SPACE” followed by the date of the flight will be engraved on the back of the watch.

Product details

Far beyond its elegance, style and quality, the new Lunar 1969 quartz collection brings with it a truly unique real-life space experience, to carry with you through time. The design of Lunar 1969 retraces and celebrates man’s conquest of space, with the Latitude and Longitude coordinates of the six Apollo moon landings entrenched on its dial. An authentic and certified fragment of lunar meteorite is set at 12 o’clock, alongside the Apollo 11 coordinates. A certificate proving the authenticity of the fragment will be delivered with the watch.

To honour the courage of these astronauts, the famous ‘footprint’ of Neil Armstrong’s first step is engraved in Stainless Steel on the back of the watch. The watch is beautifully presented in a luxury cushioned gift box.

The Swiss-made watch has a 60-month battery life

Lunar 1969 watch by Col&MacArthur

Where to buy

Col&MacArthur’s Lunar 1969 watch is available from for £449 without the space launch or £674 for the watch and space launch.