Liquorette – London’s first, fresh cocktail delivery service.
Liquorette – London’s first, fresh cocktail delivery service.

Bluff your way to becoming the perfect host with a little help from the professionals (trust us, your guests will thank you for it). The first ever fresh cocktail delivery service has arrived in London. Re- inventing the ‘at home’ drinking experience, Liquorette invites you to put your feet up, invite a few friends over and let them deliver freshly-made cocktails straight to your door in under an hour!

As the ultimate cocktail destination; you can be your own bartender, select cocktails on tap, create your own and now finally have the Liquorette experience at home.

If you’re a fan of a classic, select one of the delectable All Star cocktails – a range of classic cocktails with a Liquorette twist developed by expert bartenders. Even if you’re a cocktail master, everyone needs a night off and the All Star classics are perfect for a busy host eager to impress. If you’re feeling adventurous or looking for something specific, you can create your own custom concoction. When your order arrives, be your own bartender and showcase your pro skills with a cheeky, personalised Liquorette shaker. Strain it over ice, serve with the fresh garnish provided and you’re good to go – it’s as easy as that.

For the eco-conscious there’s no need to worry, the shakers Liquorette provide are 100% recyclable, or if you’re ever passing by Rathbone Place, why not bring the shaker back in for £5 off our cocktail takeaway? Hand-pick your own ingredients at the ‘cocktail deli’ using fresh garnishes, spirits, liqueurs and mixers or choose one of the All Star classics to grab and go.

Liquorette’s delivery service will be available to order via within 8km of the venue, or from Deliveroo within a 2.5km radius. Enjoy a high-quality, fresh cocktail experience at home, without all the fuss, and in under 60 minutes.