16 million colours controlled by your voice, what's not to like?

Turn your home or office into a scene from Blade Runner in a matter of minutes. Each Beam is 300mm long and connects to another using magnets and pogo pins. The magnets not only ensure a better connection, but their polarity also means it’s impossible to arrange them the wrong way round.

The Beam is so easy to install if you have a level, even better (i just used my eyes, and it looks perfectly straight) they simply click together via magnetic connections. Because they can be used in different configurations on the wall you can create shapes letters and accentuate furniture easily. The “MOVE” effect in the app is my personal favourite.

Comparing Beam to Lifx Strips, the Beam wins every time, although it may not be as flexible, it certainly impresses with setting moods and giving any dull room a warming ambience.

The app – you can preset as many effects and colour combos as you like, although it comes with many pre-made moods. It even has a party effect, which is great for entertaining. The app has over 16 million colour combinations for you to choose from, so you’ll never run out of options.  Another great feature is Day & Dusk enabled, the Beam will light up slowly like the sun rising, increasing in colour temperature to give the impression of natural daylight. I actually use this every day with the Strips version and it changed my life.

LIFX Beam review

You need the app for certain things, but Beam supports Alexa, Google Home and Siri. Once you’ve set it up with your favourite assistant you can then use your voice to turn it on, off, change colours and brightness. I rarely use the App after setting up, simply OK Google – turn on the lights and you’re up and running.

For those that use IFTTT, Beam offers good integration so you could set it to turn on and be a certain colour depending on the trigger you use. It will also work with your Nest devices, and can turn on and off at various times while your thermostat is set to Away mode.

Lifx is constantly expanding its emphasis on decorative lighting. At the very least, the company seems quite comfortable thinking beyond the bulb, which might indicate a potential trend for smart home lighting.

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