LIFX announces Candle Color and Z TV
LIFX announces Candle Color and Z TV

LIFX integrates its Polychrome Technology™ into a bulb for the first time with Candle Colour Z TV kit will enhance TV viewing with a multi-colour bias lighting effect

LIFX’s Candle Color 

A Wi-Fi enabled, smart light that uses multi-coloured LEDs and individual lighting zones enable users for the first time to emit multiple colours at once from the same light bulb, creating unique environments and effects. 

LIFX’s Candle Color mimics a real candle using the Flame effect in the LIFX app. In addition, users can cast one colour or temperature of light from one side of the bulb that is completely different from the other – meaning two walls in the same room can have separate lighting schemes. 

Users can create their own custom effects by using the LIFX app to paint the bulb with colour, making the experience truly unique. The LIFX Candle Color has over 16 million colours to choose from, as well as the full range of daylight white tones. 

The Candle Colour uses LIFX’s Polychrome Technology™ which to date has been a key element of its feature lighting range, including Tile, Beam and Z Strip. It’s just as easy to use, but so much more impressive, and the integration into Candle Colour represents the first time blended light will appear in a bulb. 

Polychrome Technology™ allows for multiple zones through individually controllable LEDs within an array. No other lightbulb can go from a range of functional whites, to a single rich colour and then turn into a lava-lamp-like light, a dynamic flame, and then become a canvas to draw colours onto. 


Z TV Strip: (available November £64.99) 

The new Z TV Strip is a direct response to one of the most popular applications of the Z Strip range: to add a halo or bias lighting effect behind or around TVs. 

The new 1m Z strip has been sized for simple, no-bending application to the back of TVs from 46” and above.

Whether for TV, movies, or gaming, Z TV is a simple and affordable way to bring the premium experience of LIFX multi-zone lighting to the living room. 

The application of lighting to the back of TVs or monitors is called bias lighting, and not only enhances the aesthetic, but it also reduces eye strain and fatigue making work or play on a screen more enjoyable.