Vinyl is big business nowadays so if you’re regularly adding to your own record collection and looking for the ideal device to enjoy it upon, you’ll not find many better candidates for the job than this La Boite Concept SupaKitch Edition LX Turntable. This limited edition offering sees artist SupaKitch re-interpret the brand’s LX Turntable orchestral loudspeaker
and create a unique “3 in 1” creation with exceptional audio power.

The La Boite Concept SupaKitch Edition LX Turntable has a price tag of €3950 which, needless to say, is a lot to shell out for a record player console but there are some many eye-catching and stand out design features to this offering that it certainly makes it a more justifiable price tag. Delivering sound worthy of a live orchestra, this impressive piece of kit from La Boite Concept looks as good as it sounds and that’s saying a lot given the calibre of the audio on offer here.

Classy Collab

For this new collaboration, the artist SupaKitch puts his own unique stamp on the LX Turntable orchestral loudspeaker by bringing to its surface liquid reliefs which are a reflection of his work on the aquatic wave. Liquid matter is at the heart of the artist’s inspiration and by freezing the liquid movement, SupaKitch actually delivers something in perpetual motion. 

It is the association of this movement of form and sound that really sets the La Boite Concept SupaKitch Edition LX Turntable (€3950) apart. The top is covered in a Smoke Blue full grain leather give a watery aesthetic impossible to ignore. This bull calf leather of unparalleled quality comes from the Remy Carriat tannery in the Basque Country before being laser-cut and applied to the top of this top quality console.

The wooden base of the La Boite Concept SupaKitch Edition LX Turntable is as always, crafted by the brand’s cabinetmakers in the Spanish Basque Country before being finally assembled in Ustaritz in the French Basque Country in La Boite Concept’s workshop. The quality on offer is second to none and though undoubtedly expensive, this is a fine example of getting what you pay for.

Tech Infused Design

Despite the mid-century style vibes of the La Boite Concept SupaKitch Edition LX Turntable, it offers a thoroughly 21st century performance and is filled with excellent technological features that are responsible for its impeccable audio performance. This includes Bluetooth aptX technology for seamless streaming, compatibility with voice control systems, induction charger compatibility and a USB charging port.

At €3950, this represents a pretty hefty investment but for the vinyl aficionado who wants a stand out device for enjoying their records, they just don’t come any better than the La Boite Concept SupaKitch Edition LX Turntable and if you’re wanting to push the boat out a little in 2021, look no further.