Klipsch R5 Wireless
Klipsch R5 Wireless

American maker launches wireless buds specifically designed for an active lifestyle, complete with smart cable cinches to ensure a secure and tangle-free fit

he Klipsch R5 Wireless is now on sale in the UK. Designed for those who live an active lifestyle, Klipsch’s new Bluetooth earphones offer a key point of difference in a crowded market – their extra-small size. To help achieve this compact design, the Indianapolis-based company locates the electronics separate from the ear buds, meaning the R5 Wireless’s neat tips perfectly fit into ear canals. The electronics, including the rechargeable battery and the remote control, sit securely on the smartly designed cable, as opposed to forming part of the earpiece.

As has been well documented, any activity-geared headphone is only as good as its fit and in addition to the above, the R5 Wireless uses Klipsch’s patented oval ear tips. These tips stay in better and insert deeper into the ear canal. The R5 Wireless design also employs two ‘ear cinches’, letting you customise the cable to your desired length, and so keeping the wire out of your way. A further advantage here is the ability for the wearer to select from two options – down and loose or, when, say, heading out on a run, tighten the cord for a secure, unobtrusive fit.

The R5 Wireless’s universal fit earwings further stabilise the earphone, providing balance protection from upwards and sideward movement. Furthermore, the maker also supplies a pair of Comply Ts-100 Comfort foam tips. When it comes to fit, the Klipsch R5 Wireless most definitely has you covered.

Klipsch also nails the sound. The Bluetooth 4.2-enabled R5 Wireless works with aptX and AAC high-quality codecs and delivers commanding performances, combining high output and full bass extension from its 5mm dynamic moving coil micro speaker driver design.  The result is a set of earphones as able to power out 180bpm playlists as it is to excel with the likes of acoustic and podcasts. The R5 Wireless design also supports multi-point pairing, so you can simultaneously pair two devices – great, for example, when travelling with a companion or perhaps on a ‘joint run’.

Rated at IPX4, the R5 Wireless is deigned to resist moisture, rain and sweat, while its single lithium ion battery is good for up to eight hours of listening to music and taking calls. Those calls, thanks to the integrated cVc microphone, will be crystal clear and the R5 Wireless’s three-button remote delivers seamless control of music, as well as phone calls. 

• Priced at £100.00 and available in a sleek black finish, the Klipsch R5 Wireless is on sale now

Henley Audio, based in Oxfordshire, exclusively distributes Klipsch in the UK