A fine example of the sort of place we’re looking to head when the travel restrictions are lifted is this extraordinary looking Klickitat Treehouse which is located in White Salmon in Washington State.

There is a considerable warmth and beauty to the Klickitat Treehouse in White Salmon and this is achieved through its abundance of natural light and clever use of textures both on the inside and out. It takes its design inspiration from a mountain lifestyle and Scandinavian architecture encompassing simplicity, functionality, and coziness.

Into The Wild

If living life at a relaxed pace in the trees and at one with nature is something that appeals to you, a stay at the Klickitat Treehouse in Washington State will undoubtedly be right up your travel street. You can cozy up with friends and family in a breathtaking setting nestled between two beautiful Douglas Firs. Make a cup of coffee, play a game, and explore the natural world that surrounds you.

Boasting a beautiful aesthetic that is pleasingly minimalistic but has everything you need to enjoy your stay in the wild, the Klickitat Treehouse is certainly the sort of retreat we’ll be gravitating towards here  over the next few months. There is something deeply relaxing about being surrounded by nature and that’s exactly what you get with this stunning wilderness retreat.

A unique and magical adventure awaits on fifteen private wooded acres with glorious views of Mount Adams and the surrounding valley. The Klickitat Treehouse is a mere a ten minute drive from downtown White Salmon, where you can enjoy the wineries, waterfalls, and world class recreation of the Columbia River Gorge.

Exceptional Interiors

It is clear that a lot of thought and attention that has gone into the design of the Klickitat Treehouse and this will make your stay all the more rewarding and relaxing. The owners of this awesome looking retreat have obsessed about the aesthetics and have finished them with natural, cozy, and modern interiors inspired by their home of the Pacific Northwest coupled with influences from the years they spent in the deserts of the Southwest.

Natural materials of wood, leather, clay, and linens provide an invitation into the warmth and bring beauty and texture to the daily experience of brewing a cup of coffee or playing a game with loved ones which will make a stay at the Klickitat Treehouse a thoroughly rewarding one. If you’re looking for your next wilderness adventure post lockdown, look no further.