Klevio – Smart Lock Review
Klevio – Smart Lock Review

Klevio is a smart intercom that opens your doors using an app on your mobile – landlord friendly without having to replace any existing locks/keys capable of opening multiple doors, no matter how many stories apart and with virtual keys, it's easy to share to anyone you wish with a few simple steps.

Klevio has literally turned your bulky and jingly keys into an app. Not just keys too, the Klevio One allows you to forget about any fob you own too!

For a mere £549 (even cheaper if you have a house) Klevio will send a friendly engineer over to your home install a good looking and very slim intercom on your wall. You can either choose to replace your old intercom with their sleek version or keep your old intercom usually from the 90s and as bulky as a CRT TV.

However, this isn’t any normal intercom, Klevio’s engineer will effortlessly replace the switch on your doors lock and fit an electric switch (the female section of your doors lock, usually dismantled with  just a few screws) the electric switch is then wired to your existing intercom or your new Klevio intercom, depending on which you choose. They do this by pinning the wire along skirting, it’s barely noticeable even when pointed out to you.  We opted to keep the older intercom, simply because the Klevio One doesn’t offer video (yet) and chose to have the new intercom hidden behind a show a shoe rack in the hall as it doesn’t need to be seen or touched.

This is when the magic starts… After the engineer is finished, this usually takes an hour to be sure the device is perfectly secured to the wall, and all wires are flush. The engineer will ask you to download the Klevio app and register. After a 2 min bog standard registration/sign up process the app allows you to do the below:



The Klevio One intercom runs on WiFi and 4G connections, the device connects to Klevio secure servers letting you communicate securely and promptly to open doors remotely from your smartphone. When triggered by the app, our servers communicate with the device and instruct it to open your doors.

With just a simple swipe then click your door is open and ready to be opened. The doors open first time, every time. Allowing you to simply forget about your keys. Not only that, you can share keys with family indefinitely and with friends at certain timescales and dates. A widget would be a nice touch for Android, so you don’t have to boot up the app each time, although the app is open within 2 seconds, so it’s not a big deal.

Soon you’ll also be able to speak to people at your door directly through your app, even when you’re not at home, transforming your phone into a portable intercom. If they add in video relay too, this would be a great option. As living in a shared building there’s no chance of using Ring or other similar devices.


As you can see on the app’s images, we let the engineer come and go as he pleases after installation as he needed a spare part for the door frame.

The app comes with a history log so you can keep track of what time and who entered the property. A great feature for parents. Also, time lited keys for guests staying over. If you Air Bnb this is THE solution to not having to meet people and allowing them their privacy.

Worried about the security risk of having a door connected to WiFi? So you should be! Klevio has overcome this by using bank-level encryption standards, including cryptographically signed messages, this is the same technology used in the finance sector. The same security your Natwest app uses!

The verdict – Having been using Klevio for two weeks now, I genuinely have no idea where my keys are, and it feels great! We’ve tested thousands of products on The Sinsa, but none have had such an impact as the Klevio One. I genuinely believe it’s the most impactful technology since NFC payments (Apple Pay/Google Pay) I’d expect every home to have this technology within the next 5 years. Klevio One, the end of physical keys.